VIXX “Girls, why?” Music Video Review


This song wasn’t bad, although I didn’t find it especially good either. It was all very soft and melodic, which is nice, but gets dull by the end. I thought the chorus had too much background and muted singing instead of actual singing. Even for a light song like this, it was too light compared to the rest of the song. I also thought the lines fluctuated from soft to passionate too much in this song. Some of the song, particularly the beginning and the “Oh Oh Oh Oh Saranghae” lines, and then near the end there were lines that had stronger singing voices that seemed too strong for the soft sound in the first half. It would have been much better if they kept it soft with that xylophone instrument throughout the whole song instead of adding violins and a different singing style partway through.

Score: 3/5


This is another one of those videos where the story is much easier to understand when you can understand the lyrics. It tells the story of how the boys are in love with the girls, but can never show their loving side. The video starts out with the boys and the girls in different rooms. They talk to each other on the phone, but cannot quite understand each other, so Leo walks over and enters the girls’ room, breaking the invisible barrier. The rest of the members follow him and they bring the girls’ table to the center of the two rooms, uniting them. The video then breaks to another scene where Ravi is trying to send a letter to the girl (I don’t know either of the girls’ names! Sorry!). He clearly wants to send the letter, and is encouraged to by the stage props, but his pride is keeping him from fully sending the letter to her and she is let down. In a third scene, the orange-haired VIXX member (don’t know his name either) is given flowers to give to the girl and finally builds up the courage to do so. She is flattered and the scene shifts to a red room where everyone is together.

The meaning I get from this is that the boys love the girls, but the girls are waiting to directly hear it and because of the boys’ pride, they don’t want to directly say anything. The story shows how slowly, the boys break down and give the girls their love. It is sweet, and very demonstrative how a lack of communication can lead to a wall in the relationship, but even after the wall was broken in the video, the girls and boys still didn’t actually talk to each other or do anything with each other. Leo and the rest of VIXX go into the girls’ room, but the girls continue sitting by themselves and the boys just continue playing. The very last scene looked like it was trying to show that everyone now loves each other and there is no more wall, but they were still all sitting separately, as if there still is an invisible wall between everyone. I would have liked to see more interaction between the boys and girls. They were all just there, not really acknowledging one another and it looked a bit awkward.

Score: 3/5


The sets and props in this video demonstrated the message of the story very well. I love how the props, like the letters and the white and black background people, were encouraging the boys to talk to the girls. It is showing that even nature want the boy to be direct about his love and that the only thing stopping him is his inner pride. The props held meaning and also added humor to the video which is always entertaining. The separate rooms in the beginning were also very demonstrative of how disconnected the girls and boys are from each other. My only complaint is that the video lacked cohesiveness due to their very different sets. The first and last scene went together with the vivid colors, and the middle two scenes went together because they both looked like stages, but these two different looks didn’t really go with each other. Each scene had its use, but together it didn’t look like one video. Also, that middle scene with the shadow puppets didn’t seem to have any purpose.

Score: 3.5/5


My favorite part about this wardrobe was how ordinary the outfits were. The VIXX members were wearing shirts and sweaters typical of boys their age. They weren’t trying to be especially flashy or edgy which was refreshing. I like that they weren’t all exactly the same, in color, pattern, or even style of shirt. My personal favorite was Leo’s white shirt in the first scene, but they were all nice. The only questionable outfit was the gray sweater with the spades in that first scene, but it wasn’t anything too crazy. As for the girls’ outfits, I appreciated the ordinariness of them too, but I couldn’t bring myself to like the overalls. No one wears overalls anymore and it really brought their fashion level down compared to the boys in my opinion. Overall, though, everything looked pretty good.

Score: 4/5

Overall, this was just an okay video. They didn’t do anything too bad to make be completely dislike it, but there was very little for me to really like in the video.

Overall Final Score: 3.4/5


What do you think of this video?


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