SHINee “Everybody” Music Video Review


I have to say that this song felt more like a remix than an actual song. Dubstep is interesting and very entertaining when done well, but there was so much of it in this song that I felt conflicted with the classic “SHINee” sound of the sung chorus. It’s perfectly fine to make a song in a new style, but the members’ voices didn’t fit the dubstep style. The “Everybody” sounded motivational and triumphant while the dubstep was more “bad boy” sounding. The interruptions of dubstep between repetitions of “everybody” were just uncomfortable to the ear and sounded much better in the parts where the dubstep was behind the lyrics.

There were some really good parts to this song though. I loved the lines leading up to the chorus. They were sung very well, especially on Minho’s part. For someone who doesn’t sing very much, I found his voice to be very fitting for that particular tune. The background instrumental was great, and the very ending mix of singing and dubstep was done well. It was just the chorus that was difficult to listen to. They gave it a try, but it wasn’t quite at the point of flawlessly integrating dubstep and K-pop. (The best dubstep K-pop song I’ve heard so far would have to be “Catch Me” by TVXQ!.)

Score: 3.5/5


This video was so difficult for me to evaluate. There was one single scene that I loved, but the rest I couldn’t help but dislike. It felt like SHINee was trying to pull off two characters at the same time based on the scenes: robots and chess pieces. I liked the robot concept, because it fit with the electronic, dubstep sound of the song, but the chess boards and pieces were just out of left field. Even when they were trying to make the scenes related to each other, they were either nearly exactly alike, like Minho’s and Jonghyun’s, or completely unrelated to anything other scene, like Taemin’s. The individual scenes held no connection to the song or lyrics and really had no other purpose than adding more scenes to a classically empty S.M. video.

I was s excited in the beginning with the intro of the doll plugging in SHINee, bringing the toy robots to life, but that theme was only shown again in the dancing scene. I would have loved if the robot theme was continued in the individual scenes as well. I usually don’t talk about the intros to these music videos very often, but for this one I have to say that if the rest of the video followed the feel of its intro more, it would have been a much better and more interesting video. That dancing scene really saved me from completely disliking the appearance of this video. The crazy electronic background was perfect for this dubstep-heavy song.

Score: 3/5


Like the cinematography, I liked the dancing scene, but found little to like in the rest of the video. The white outfits looked really cool on the members and went well with the electric background. The close-up individual shots looked pretty cool too, even if we couldn’t see the whole outfit, but I can’t ignore the unnecessarily large amounts of eyeliner being worn in such a bright video. Eyeliner that thick is for dark concepts, not this one.

I can’t figure out what character the members were going for in this video. The white scene looked like robots, the black and white scene looked like soldiers, and the blue scene looked like captains. The first two would have been fine because they relate to the lyrics, but all three together in one video just looked messy. It was like they couldn’t decide on one concept, so they just used all of them.  With the blue sailor outfits, there was little rhyme or reason to those patterns that I couldn’t even like them for what they were, let alone how they fit with the concept of the rest of the video. As for the individual scenes, Onew’s outfit looked pretty cool, but that’s about it.

Score: 3/5


Thank God for the dance. It was so creatively choreographed and there were some parts of it that just blew me away. Through dance, the members took on the characters of toys coming to life. The beginning was exciting and attention-grabbing, and after each chorus, the theme of winding up the toys was brought back. The skill of each move was just incredible, especially the bouncing after being “wound up” by Minho. I wasn’t as impressed in the chorus as I was for the rest of the dance, because it just appeared to be a bunch of moves stringed together instead of leading into one another, but it was still entertaining. The little finger wave and DJ move were both good in following the feel of the song. The dance break was clearly the best part though. First the domino leg move was incredibly in sync, then having each member follow Taemin’s movement impressed even more, and the final helicopter image was the perfect icing on an already impressive cake of a dance break. That was my favorite part of the dance and really the most interesting part of the entire video. The whole dance was just incredibly creative, innovative, and well done.

 Score: 4.5/5

Overall, this video was just really hard for me to like. I love SHINee, but on the first watch, I was really disappointed. The song is growing on me, and the dance is pretty darn good, but all together it was just too all over the place to be enjoyable.

Overall Final Score: 3.5/5

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? I’m sure my views are not very common, but hey, it’s my opinion. When I say that I’m disappointed, it’s nothing against the members of SHINee. If anything, they have actually been getting better and better in their dancing and singing (especially Minho and Taemin!). It’s just the style of music they have been doing and the production of their videos that are lacking, which is really all on their company. 😦


2 thoughts on “SHINee “Everybody” Music Video Review

  1. You explain you’re views very well! ^_^ I can see your point, except that too be honest, a lot of the things that made you dislike this video actually made me love it. I thought the makeup was a lot more extreme than normal, but for a one time thing it was nice. The robotic sounds, the chorus. I loved that all. I like hearing you’re side though, and I see your point, but it makes me sad to see them get 3.5 out of 5. TT^TT


    1. Thanks for your comment! I really appreciate your honesty. I have grown to like the song a lot more now (although it still isn’t one of my favorites). And we all have our opinions. My 3.5 doesn’t have to mean anything to you if you don’t want it to. 🙂


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