The nasty community

Calling all U.S. Nasties! For any fans of EatYourKimchi (Simon and Martina) who live in the U.S, here is some information for you 🙂

Kpop for Noobcakes

So some Kpop fans may know of the bloggers Simon and Martina from the Blog and Youtube Channel Eat Your Kimchi. I know if you’re a regular reader of my blog that you see me post their videos in my posts as supplementary material. As a fan of their style of humor and their videos, I was happy when they did fan meets because I could see a greater side to their personalities but I was sad that it seemed like the US was not in their future for Kpop meet ups.

No longer.

Some other vocal Nasties (fans of Eat Your Kimchi) also felt like me and wanted to organize a way for Simon and Martina to get to the US. I am now an admin for the US Eat Your Kimchi fan page. I encourage any fans of EYK in the US to like/follow any and all of…

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