T-ara “Number Nine” Music Video Review

This is my new favorite T-ara song.


This song was sung so beautifully. I loved the harmony and melody of the chorus. The girls of T-ara have some of the smoothest voices I have ever heard in this song. My favorite part of the song was Jiyeon’s lines. It changed the pace of the song slightly and kept it interesting. The funky instrumental bits at the beginning and end of the song were also interesting and totally unexpected. The rap sounded really cool, but I thought the “I’m addict” part leading up to it didn’t fit the sound of the rest of the song. It was too pop-sounding for such a mature song. Other than that, this was a perfect song.

Score: 4.9/5


There were not a whole lot of story scenes in this video, but from what I gather, it was just portraying the members of T-ara as sad and heartbroken. They are each alone in a room, looking at something that reminds them of love and Mr. Number 9, and destroying it. We see them burning pages of a book, burning film strips, throwing things on the ground, and eating a flower. While the eating of the flower was pretty strange, it is pretty representative of love and happiness being completely gone with the leaving of Mr. Number Nine. It was all very sad, but it was so short and simple. They went safe and chose a really simple storyline with really ambiguous items to destroy to symbolize the “loss of love.” I think they could have been a little more creative with this video. Also, in the midst of them appearing sad, we see brief clips of Jiyeon and Hyomin looking like their having fun. What was that supposed to mean? It completely contradicted the acting of all of the other members.

Score: 2.5/5


Even though the plot of the story was dull, the way each scene was set up and portrayed was beautiful. I loved the simplicity of the story scenes. They were in a small, monotone room with only the props that they were directly interacting with. It wasn’t over the top or too boring. I also loved the rooms they were dancing in. They were flashy and glamorous, very appropriate for the stars of T-ara, but also dark and mature, fitting the overall feel of the song and story. The video was very visually pleasing to watch. My only complaint is that I wish they included more scenes of the story. There were only a couple scenes in the beginning and then a slew of drama at the end.

Score: 4/5


I ran into a dilemma in looking at the wardrobe of this video. As a whole, the colors and style of it all looks really good and very well fit the mature, heart-breaking theme of the story. When looking closer, however, I found very few individual outfits that I actually liked. I liked Eunjung’s shirt on her black outfit and Jiyeon’s entire black outfit. The rest were just a bunch of outfits with tiny shorts and odd shirts. The dresses were okay, but nothing really special to catch my eye. I didn’t like all of the uneven stockings the girls were wearing. They looked more old and ripped than trendy. Particular outfits I could not stand were Jiyeon’s striped dress and Hyomin’s dancing scene outfits. Hyomin’s shirt looked like something one would wear to a beach, not in a mature, classy music video. I wish there could have been more leggings and skinny jeans instead of all of the ripped stockings and short shorts. They would have looked much classier with actual pants than they currently do. There are very easy ways it could have been made this wardrobe better.

Score: 3.5/5


This dance was just unimpressive to me. It was so painfully simple. All of the hand motions were meant to be performed so delicately, but in practice it just made them look unsure and timid. They needed to move around more to keep my attention. The single most interesting part of the dance is the little running move during Hyomin’s rap, but even that lasted only a few seconds. I thought the choreography during Jiyeun’s parts were okay because at least they were moving their entire bodies side to side, but they still could have done a lot more. Even the main “Number Nine” move was just okay. I really expected more.

Score: 2.5/5

Overall, I was really impressed with this song. After a bunch of silly dance songs, T-ara finally came back with a beautiful song that I could not only respect, but fall completely in love with the tune. The video may have looked nice, but everything about the story and dance were so simple. A song this good deserves more in its video.

Overall Final Score: 3.5/5

Question of the Day:

Is it just me, or was there A LOT of Eunjung in this video? I feel like I saw her twice as much as any of the other members.


What are your thoughts?

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