Tiny G “Miss You” Music Video Review


This was one addicting song. I absolutely loved the repetition in the chorus. It wasn’t just repeating one phrase like so many other songs; it had a couple different phrases that rhymed and were just thrown out one after another, creating a chorus that just draws you in.  I also particularly liked Myung Ji’s singing lines. They were sung very well and super easy to listen to. The rest was pretty good too, but I thought the “Babies” and rapping in the beginning and after the second chorus didn’t quite match the sound of the rest of the song. After the second chorus, I felt the song lost its rhythm. Aside from that little hiccup, the rest of the song was really good.

Score: 4/5


Except for the dancing, I found this video to be pretty boring. For the whole video they were either dancing or making faces at the camera. The faces they were making were all over the place, from serious to cute to seductive, and didn’t seem to have one theme. The same thing happened with the different background sets. There was a black and white cat scene, a very colorful scene, and then a bunch of different backgrounds for the individual scene. I don’t think they went well together. There didn’t seem to be a lot of cohesiveness in this video. It was just a bunch of different backgrounds and different scenes that didn’t add up to one clear concept.

There were some scenes that I liked, but overall it looked more messy than interesting or fun.

Score: 2.5/5


I didn’t like the wardrobe either. It looked like they were trying to do cute and sexy at the same time, but to me it just looked awkward and uncomfortable. They were trying to look very mature with the animal print and black, but coupled with a cute cat theme and tiny shorts, it just looked childish. I saw it as them trying to look more mature than they actually are. I didn’t like the short turtlenecks with the shorts, and the cat outfits just looked silly.  The glove outfits could have been fun, but on top of the style of clothing just looked provocative. I thought this wardrobe style didn’t suit them at all.

On the plus side, I loved Myung Ji’s hair.

Score: 1.5/5


This dance had the potential to be really good, but unfortunately was not. I did like the chorus. The fist movements fit the beat of the song so well and were actually really cute. I didn’t like the second version of the chorus choreography with the pouty faces to the camera though. While the first version was cute, the second one just went over the top into the cheesy zone. I thought the rest of the dance was also not very impressive. A lot of it was just different versions of the same hand motions which didn’t make for very interesting choreography. They were all constantly doing the exact same thing, and appeared to be more interesting in looking cute for the camera than actually producing skillful moves.

I was really disappointed. I know the Tiny G members are really good dancers, but this one just didn’t cut it.

 Score: 2.5/5

Overall, I was super disappointed with this video. Tiny G clearly has talent, as seen from “Minimanimo” and “Tiny G” but for some reason they seemed to have abandoned it to try to go for a more mature image with this video. I personally thought it didn’t work for them. They are much better at the hip-hop image or the fun, more innocent image in my opinion.

Overall Final Score: 2.6/5

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