Block B “Be the Light” Music Video Review



I loved the sound of this song. It was subtle and sweet, but still changed enough to be interesting. The tune of the chorus was so nice to listen to and the surrounding melody was also good. There were a few moments where the song felt interrupted, particularly during B-Bomb’s part after the first chorus and the sudden soft piano after the second chorus.  They were too quiet and interrupted the flow of the song for me. Other than that, the song was good and easy to listen to. I would even go so far as to say it felt motivational, which is very uplifting considering this is their first song in about a year.

Score: 4/5


After a couple times watching this video, here is the story I put together: The whole story is an illustration of how U-Kwon’s girl is the light that gets him through his pain and suffering. As he takes in punches and blows, he thinks about the girl enjoying herself and he feels at peace. Even when he is at his lowest point, literally on the ground, he imagines his girl lying next to him and suddenly everything is okay. She is the light that gets him through the darkness. It’s a great idea with a really sweet meaning, but I feel like it was told in such a confusing way in this story. We are given absolutely no explanation as to why U-Kwon is being beaten up, which is why I think it is supposed to be symbolizing general pain that he goes through in his life. The girl doesn’t do anything except jump around and have fun, which makes me think that this is just what U-kwon is imagining, but then there is the scene with her in the bathtub looking all depressed. Is this supposed to imply some side story about the girl’s pain? We also see her outside looking all important with a military plane flying behind her. I don’t understand all of the scenes with the girl which just made the whole thing slightly confusing. In the end, it isn’t even the girl who helps U-kwon up; it is the other members of Block B. Does that mean in the end the girl was no help? It would have been a lot better if it was the girl who came and helped him up, or at least her image that gave him enough strength to fight back, not just stay lying on the ground. There was a really nice story in there, but it was surrounded with other scenes that ruined it a little for me.

Score: 3/5


Like I said above, while U-kwon’s part of the story made sense, the girl seemed totally random and all over the place. The choice of scenes of the girl really made it unclear who she actually is. Having scenes of her enjoying herself in between scenes of him being beaten up was great in showing that while he physically feels pain, U-kwon is thinking about the girl as a distraction. The scene of the two of them on the ground together was particularly emotional and was really the scene that helped me understand how she is his light. The other scenes that were put in, of her in the bathtub and her outside, strayed from the sweet story and just made it unnecessarily complicated. Since there were no flashbacks or scenes to give a back story, everything just seemed really unclear in this video.

As for the scenes with the Block B members, I like that they were singing in what looked like a bedroom. Of all of the places they go, alone in their bedroom is probably where they would be thinking of the girl the most and needing her light to keep away the dark. For a video about light though, there was a surprising lack of it.

Overall, I think the cinematography of this video could have been a lot better. There were a couple good moments, but the majority of the scenes were just hard to piece together.

Score: 2.5/5


As with the rest of the video, I liked everything about Block B, but was just confused by the girl. Starting with the good, I thought everyone looked pretty good and all of the outfits fit the concept of the video really well. They were dark, fitting the idea that Block B is in darkness without their loves. They were stylish but just casual enough for them to look natural in a home. It was a good touch to have Kyung and Zico wearing their hoods up during the rap so that they could accurately look the part of rappers. I particularly like how juvenile U-kwon’s outfit looked in the outdoor scene. He still looked like a mature member of Block B, but something about his leather jacket made him seem like a lost boy without an idea of where to go or what to do, which makes sense considering the situation of his character.

As for the girl, none of her outfits looked like something one would naturally wear at home. The sleek black clothing made her seem like some kind of secret agent, which didn’t help me at all figure out what the story was with her character.

Score: 3.9/5

Overall, I liked this video. Even if I didn’t quite understand it, the song was nice and the parts of the story that I understood were sweet. I’m also just so glad Block B is back in music again. A moderately good video like this is way better than nothing.

Overall Final Score: 3.4/5

Question of the Day:

I was personally very impressed with everyone’s singing. What did you think?


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