BTS “N.O.” Music Video Review

If you’re a student, this video will speak to you.


I have to say the background instrumental really made this song amazing.  The singing and rapping was good as always, but the instrumental gave this song such a motivational and dramatic feel, especially the very beginning. I thought the whole song sounded like the soundtrack to a movie. Aside from the instrumental, my favorite part was the singing right before each chorus. I found the raps to sound slightly disconnected to the singing parts, but everything was brought all together with the background instrumental. It wasn’t as flawless as their other songs, though.

Score: 4.5/5


As a student myself, I could really relate to this story. The video begins with BTS in a classroom run by the Teachers who feed them a pill. In this classroom, students are taught to be like robots, completely identical to each other. Jungkook is the first one to break the formation and looks away, only to be yelled at by the Teacher. Slowly, he gets more and more agitated as he realizes that he doesn’t have to follow the Teacher’s orders. The rest of BTS grow restless and eventually stand up and rebel against the Teachers. Later, as BTS walks down to their newly freed world, the Teachers try to come at them again, but together BTS unites and defeats the Teachers.

I loved how metaphoric this was about the school system and views in the world. Parents put so much pressure on kids to do well in school, and in school the teachers put so much pressure on kids to spit out only the answers the teachers deems are correct. This video was like a message to kids that they shouldn’t have to be forced to be that one type of person that their teachers are trying to make them be.

Score: 4/5


The biggest part of the cinematography that stood out to me was the use of color. This video was predominantly white and red, the red indicating power. First, only the teacher is red, and the information on the desks are in red, but once the song starts and the members of BTS begin their rebellion, red is seen in their dancing room, showing that they have the power now to stand up to their oppressive teachers. I loved how the lights flashed red during the dance. It added energy to the already exciting dance and story and showed that BTS isn’t kidding around. There was really only red and white in this video, which was simple and visually pleasing to watch.

The scenes and backgrounds themselves also looked really cool. I love the dancing scene with the hands coming out of the ground. I saw it as the adults who constantly try to impose on the kids’ lives and take over, but BTS keeps it down, staying in control of their own lives. Overall, the appearance of this video was phenomenal.

Score: 4.5/5


I loved the outfits in this video. My favorite set is the sporty dance scene outfits. They look good on the members and also gave them the kid/student image, very appropriate for their characters. I also liked the other white outfits. They were all stylish, went together well, and had great accessories. Having them all white made the video look very clean. As for the classroom scene, I liked how robotic it all looked. The members almost looked like prisoners in their identical, plain outfits. Correspondingly, the teachers looked like oppressive prison guards and were clearly the bad guys based on their outfits. Everything in the wardrobe was put together really well to both tell a story and portray the members of BTS as high-class k-pop stars.

Score: 5/5


Once again, BTS impressed me with their incredible dance skills. All of the moves in this dance were so fast, crisp, and in sync. I loved the parts leading up to each chorus. The dance break was also exceptionally well done. It was choreographed so well. It looked good but also told part of the story with the adults trying to keep the kids under control but BTS uniting against the adults. I would give this dance a perfect score, but I felt that each move seemed slightly disconnected from the next, lacking the same flow as their previous two dances. Compared to other groups, though, this was an incredible dance.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I was very impressed with this video. I like it more and more each time I watch it. The message in it is just so relatable, just as their previous two videos were. I am definitely going to write another blog post about BTS because all three of their music videos have shown that BTS has such a talent in relating to their generation.

Overall Final Score: 4.5/5

Question of the Day:

What are your thoughts in this video? Did any of the lyrics speak to you in particular?


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