J.Y. Park “Had Enough Parties” Music Video Review

Wow. Just wow.

It’s not often we see a K-pop video with an actual message in it.


I found this song very appropriate for the story and video, but also difficult to listen to. A lot of the lyrics sounded very rushed, like he was trying to put too many syllables in each line. This made the melody hard to follow. I loved the background instrumental and how the whole song had a regretful, reminiscent feel to it, but because of the uneven rhythm of the lyrics, I just couldn’t love the song.

Score: 3.5/5


I absolutely loved the story of this video. The video starts out with J.Y. Park sitting in his dressing room contemplating life. As he is preparing to go perform, he thinks back on his current party-filled life. He realizes that all he does to enjoy himself is party and thinks about his future. In this video, he sees two futures in front of him: one where he continues partying, indulging in short term relationships and waking up the next day alone and hungover, and one where he settles down, has a family and lives a long-term happy life. We also see scenes of J.Y. Park sitting in a club, enjoying the music and ladies, but he then flashes forward to being a middle-aged man doing the exact same thing, spending his life in the same club with the same nameless women. After having flashbacks and flash-forwards, the video ends with him still in his dressing room, thinking it all over.

This story was definitely a unique one. So many pop songs glorify partying; making it seem like something everyone does (and should do). J.Y. Park takes a different approach on this idea of partying and brings up the fact that parties bring only short-term happiness. You may find a person to spend the night in bliss with, but the next morning you are back to being alone. J.Y. Park realizes in this video that what he really wants is to find one woman to be with him forever, so that he won’t have to grow old all by himself. I love this unique (and practical) spin on such an overused and overrated topic.

Score: 5/5


The use of flashbacks and flash-forwards were amazing in this video. Having the current J.Y. Park and middle-aged J.Y. Park in the same club made his thoughts so vivid. Also having the two scenes of old J.Y. Park, when he is unkempt and alone and when he is happy with his family, was so clever and also emphasized the two very different roads his life could take. I loved when he is in the dressing room singing into the mirror, and we see the old J.Y. Park in the reflection. All of the different age changes were just done so well and painted such a clear picture of J.Y. Park’s problem. I also thought having a quick shot of each version of J.Y. Park at the end of the video was a great way to sum up his thoughts.

Score: 4.5/5


All of the outfits were very appropriate for this video. All of his outfits reflected pretty accurately the age he was trying to portray in each scene. I like that he was dressed like a dancer in the dancing scene. It separated J.Y. Park as a performer from the characters he was playing in this story. I thought the old, lonely J.Y. Park was done really well with his scraggly hair and old, worn out clothes. In contrast with that, they made the old J.Y. Park with his family very clean-looking to make very clear the difference between his two futures. I thought the makeup itself, making J.Y. Park look like all of these different ages, was remarkable. I didn’t think it looked one bit unrealistic. 

Score: 5/5


The emphasis of this video obviously was not on the dance, which is not a bad thing. It made for an overall good video, but this dance definitely was not all that. I liked the chorus and how each move flowed into the next. There was a lot of movement in this dance, but all of the movements were soft and gentle to fit the sound of the song. Because of this, however, the parts outside of the chorus seemed boring to me. All of the movements were really simple and uninteresting.

It seemed like they included the dance in this song just because it is part of the K-pop formula. It didn’t fit in with the rest of the video. In my opinion, I think they could have just taken the whole dance out and it still would have been a really good video.

Score: 3.5/5

Overall, I am so impressed with this video. I absolutely LOVE the message and the way it was told. I respect J.Y. Park so much more now. Thank you JYP!

Overall Final Score: 4.3/5

Question of the Day:

Did anyone else notice that this comeback is about how he is sick of partying and just wants to find love, and right after his comeback he announces his engagement? I see what you did there, JYP. 😉

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