Zia & Lee Haeri “If You Loved Me” Music Video Review


This song was sung beautifully. I can’t tell the difference between Zia’s and Haeri’s voices, but whoever sang the chorus did an amazing job. I could just feel the emotions pouring out of the song. It was so dramatic and beautiful to listen to at the same time. I also thought the violins were a very nice touch and added to the feeling of the song. As someone who doesn’t really like ballads, I was very impressed with the chorus of this song. The rest of it was pretty good too, but I wasn’t as interested in the rest of the verses as I was the chorus.

Score: 4/5


This story pulled at my heartstrings in so many ways. It was just a heartbreaking story. The story started out all normal and nice, with Hoya (the boy) and Misung (the girl) hanging out in Hoya’s art studio. Throughout the video Hoya starts to lose his sight, but tries to appear normal in front of Misung. Eventually, his eyesight gets so bad that it interferes with his art and he becomes extremely frustrated. Once he goes completely blind, Misung helps Hoya cope with his disability and tries to get him back into art. Seeing him struggling, Misung runs away to cry and when Hoya realizes she’s gone, he leaves. Misung funds him missing and goes looking for him, but doesn’t find him and cries in the rain, clutching a keychain he left behind.

I really like how the story included moments from before Hoya goes blind where he helps Misung. He showed her how mold the ceramics and holds an umbrella for her in the rain. Later, when he goes blind, Misung tries to do the same for him, but it doesn’t work out. The mirroring roles they played for each other were very poetic. Initially, I hated the ending because I just couldn’t understand why either of them would run away from the other, but I came up with a theory. I think Misung left because she didn’t believe that Hoya could ever be a good artist again with his disability, and Hoya senses this, so he gets discouraged and leaves. Personally, I think Misung did the absolute wrong thing as a friend, but that was the writer’s choice to make. I did feel a bit unsatisfied at the end though, with Misung just sitting and crying while we never find out where Hoya went. The keychain was also pointless because it didn’t mean anything to the audience until the very end.

Score: 3.9/5


What was the deal with that keychain?! I watched and re-watched this video multiple times and I can’t find a single moment where they made clear the significance of the keychain. It just pops out of nowhere when Hoya leaves the art studio and later we see Misung clutch it as if it is their beloved good luck charm. They should have brought in the keychain way earlier because it didn’t mean anything to me at the end of the video.

Aside from that, the cinematography was pretty good. I really liked the art aspect to this video. It made it so much more painful to make Hoya an artist and then have him lose his ability to see his art. When he first breaks the teapot, we immediately know that something is very wrong with him. I also thought the use of flashbacks at the end made it so much more dramatic. We really saw Misung’s pain as she flashed back from a helpless and blind Hoya to a chivalrous Hoya who would save her from the rain and teach her how to make pottery. The developments of the story fit the flow of the song very well.

While the bulk of the story was portrayed very well, that keychain thing was just so out of nowhere.

And is it just me or did the rain scenes look like they were indoors?

Score: 3.5/5


I thought the wardrobe of this video matched the characters perfectly. It really looked like clothes characters like that would wear. They didn’t try to do anything special with the hair or makeup to make Hoya and Misung look especially beautiful or glamorous. They just looked like ordinary people, which made it so easy to relate to the story. I loved that their outfits were slightly matching each other in each scene. It wasn’t so obvious to be unrealistic, but the outfits were similar enough for anyone looking very closely to enjoy. I thought they looked very cute and realistic.

 Score: 5/5

Overall, I kind of liked this video. I loved the story and how heartbreaking it was, but the ending just annoyed me like no other. It the ending was done differently, I would have given this vide a much higher score.

Overall Final Score: 4.1/5

Question of the day:

what did you think of Hoya’s and Misung’s acting?


What are your thoughts?

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