BTOB “Thriller” Music Video Review


“Thrilling” is one of the best words to describe this song; the whole thing was so exciting. I thought the verses leading up to each chorus built the excitement so well. Hyunsik’s and Sungjae’s lines before each chorus were done really well. It slowed down the song, but the fast instrumental behind it just made me so excited for the verses that followed it. I also thought all of the raps were so fitting and placed very well throughout the song. Minhyuk’s rap was just outstanding. He performed it so well, fluctuating his voice at all the right parts, and just had so much energy in it. I also thought the set of raps at the end was a great way to end the song. It carried the excitement of the song all the way until the very last seconds of the song. I also loved how there was such a sense of creepiness in the song, especially with the “La la la la la la” lines.

Score: 4.5/5


The scenes in this video looked so cool and together gave the song such an exciting feel. In the beginning, all of the members are emerging from what looks like their graves, setting up the zombie theme. I loved the shot of Sungjae when he first starts singing. It is like he is finally breathing the thrilling night air for the first time, ready to have some fun. The lit up dancing scene was also really cool, like BTOB’s own haunted mansion. All of the crazy lights in the background of the dancing scenes added to the thrilling feel and actually enhanced the video instead of make it harder to see like other K-pop videos out there (*cough*Growl*cough*). That final “Thriller” scene was pretty cool too. Having Minhyuk, Ilhoon, and Peniel rapping in front of the words Thriller painted on the wall really made it seem like BTOB has totally taken over the night. I just loved how all of the different scenes served a purpose in pulling in different themes into one.

I was slightly confused by the scene of Ilhoon breaking free from his chains. It definitely looked really cool and fit the sound of Minhyuk’s rap, but was it really necessary? It was the only real “story” thing that happened in the whole video and in the scenes right after he is still chained up. I thought that part was just out of nowhere and could totally have been taken out. Other than that, the cinematography was great.

Score: 4/5


I loved the dark feel of the outfits in this video. The graveyard outfits were the best. They looked like really clean, fashionable zombies. They actually looked more like vampires than zombies, but it still looked really cool. It’s hard to pick one that I liked the most because they were all so well done. The accessories in that scene also really enhanced the outfits. The dancing scene with the brown suits was pretty good too, and the red suits were okay. They all looked good, but I definitely like the graveyard outfits much better than those. I was so impressed with that scene.

Score: 4/5


I have seen other K-pop groups attempt to have a “zombie dance”, but none of them have done it as well as BTOB did in this video. All of the moves were obviously choreographed moved, but had such natural zombie-like movements. I loved the main move during the chorus with their hands in front of their faces. Moving side to side looked really cool and very unique. My favorite move, however, was the neck-cracking move in the parts before each chorus. The fluidity from one movement to the next was really good in this dance, and especially fluid during that part. I also thought the slow movements during Hyunsik’s lines were done really well. I absolutely loved Eunkwang’s entrance through Changsub’s arms in the second chorus. It takes me by surprised every time I watch it and is just so clever.

There were a few dull parts for me though. There weren’t a whole lot of choreographed moves during the raps, and the last chorus was chaotic (and not in a good way).

Score: 4/5

 Overall, I am so happy with this comeback. Everything was done so well and fit together amazingly. This is one of those videos where watching it with the English subtitles is a whole new experience, so I recommend everyone to do so. “Thriller” couldn’t have been a more appropriate name for this video.

Overall Final Score: 4.1/5

question of the day:

what do you think of minhyuk doing the main rap rather than ilhoon?


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