KARA “Damaged Lady” Music Video Review


This was a pretty unique song. I absolutely loved the guitar in it. It gave the song such a powerful edge, very appropriate for the concept of the story. I thought the beginning until the chorus was pretty good. The subtle rapping at the start of the song was a great way to start it. Once the chorus started, though, the song just sounded like every other girl song. It was sung nicely, but it didn’t sound very unique. I wish the chorus could have matched the sly, powerful verses around it. I also really would have liked to see a fast, intense rap somewhere in there. That would have fit in so well with the guitar.

Score: 3.5/5


This story had the potential to be really good, and some parts definitely were. The girls are KARA are at a party with their dates, but the boys seem to be more interested in the waitresses and other girls instead of the girls they are with. Annoyed, the KARA members go to the bathroom, undergo a complete transformation, and come back to the party to throw food on their dates and then turn on the sprinklers and have a water party. Basically, if you mess with the girls of KARA, they will wear men’s clothes and throw a temper tantrum. It was good that the story had an actual plot that made sense in the end, but the actual subject of the story was just silly. I found them to look more immature in the end than powerful or independent. I wish they could have done more than just make a mess of everything.

Score: 3.5/5


Even though the story may not have been very impressive, I thought the cinematography was great in this video! All of the rooms looked really good. The different story scenes were fitting for each scene, but also had the glamor of a music video. I thought it was really clever to have the scenes of each girl surrounded by couples. It added well to their feeling of being neglected in their own relationship. The other individual shots of the girls on thrones made them look so beautiful and powerful, perfect for their powerful image in this video. It gives off the message that these girls are queens who should never be mistreated.

Even the camera work was impressive in this video. I also liked that while in the story, the girls of KARA are angry, and then the video shifts to them being all strong and powerful in their singing shots.  Everything fit together, fit the beat of the song, and brought the story together with each scene.

Finally we have a K-pop video where each girl has her own guy! There was none of the “every member dating the same person” game with KARA. 🙂

Score: 4.5/5


Before I critique each set of outfits, I just want to say that the stylists did a great job at setting up the outfits for each scene. The outfits in each scene all clearly went together, but had little differences that kept them interesting. I loved the outfits with the ties. They made clear the message in the end that the girls of KARA are powerful women who aren’t to be messed with. Even though they were suits, it didn’t look like they were trying to imitate men; instead it gave off the impression that KARA is a group of beautiful women who have just as much power as any man. To contrast that, their black and gold dresses were beautiful and reflected just how beautiful these women can be while still being powerful. The dresses themselves were so pretty with their design and detail. For the black dancing scene, while I get the concept, I didn’t like the style of those outfits.

Score: 3.5/5


*Sigh* Why do girl group dances have to be so lame compared to guy dances?! They had so much potential to have a really cool, complicated dance, but all of the moves were so painfully simple. Even the chorus was just a cluster of a bunch of really simply hand motions. I liked the shoulder movements, but they were repeated so much during the same dance that it just got to be overdone by the end. All of the moves fit the beat of the song, but were so simple that I was barely entertained by them. There were also way too many breaks between each set of moves. There was nothing wrong with the way KARA pulled off the dance, but the choreographer really should have put more effort in making an entertaining dance.

 Score: 2.5/5

Overall, I liked the concept of the song and video. They tried to go for a good message, but in my opinion could have pulled it off a little better.

Overall Final Score: 3.5/5

Question of the Day:

how do you think this video compares to KARA’s other music videos?


What are your thoughts?

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