Teen Top “Rocking” Music Video Review

Hands down, my favorite Teen Top music video EVER.


I loved every single part of this song. The chorus was so addicting and catchy! It sounded a bit like chanting which made it unique from other songs with a repetitive chorus. The rap in the beginning was a perfect way of grabbing my attention. The fact that L.Joe pronounced every single word absolutely clearly with perfect pronunciation immediately drew me in. Overall, the song was composed really well. Each verse led into the next flawlessly and the fun background instrumental kept me interested for the entire thing.  Even the ending “La La Lalala” was appropriately placed and ended the song on a very fun note. I tried very hard to look for an imperfection in this song, and the only thing I could find was the part after the second chorus when they start shuffling. It sounded cool, but didn’t quite fit with the rest of the song like the other lyrics did.

Score: 4.9/5


Initially, I didn’t think there was a story to this video. It just looked like cool shots to reflect the feel of the song without telling an actual story. After watching it several times, however, I did find a story (and a pretty good one), but then I watched the video one more time with the English subtitles and completely lost it. Here is what I came up with without knowing the meaning of the song:

All of the members are driving around, thinking of their significant other. Other scenes are shown of them standing, hanging out with their girl, implying that that is what they are thinking of when driving. In those scenes, however, while sometimes they look happy, other times they look uneasy and on edge. Sometimes there are even two or three members together with the same girl. It is as if the members are worried that their girl might be taken away by some other guy. The scenes of the members fighting on the beach also go along with this, furthering the feeling of being threatened and having to fight off other guys to keep the girl. In the flashlight scenes, the members are like detectives, trying to weed out any guy that might be after their girl. Finally in one of the last scenes, Changjo’s thoughts get so bad that he crushes the can in his hand, showing just how serious they are about keeping their girl to themselves.

From what I see, it’s a pretty good story, demonstrated in a creative way with all of the metaphoric scenes. After watching the video again with English subtitles though, my version of the story doesn’t really make sense anymore in relation to the song and it actually makes more sense that they are just trying to show scenes of how cool they are. Based on my story, I would give it a 4/5, but since I’m really not sure if it is supposed to be a story with an actual plot, I’m just going to leave the official story score blank. I’m just counting it all as part of cinematography.


Aside from those “story” scenes, the cinematography was actually really good in this video. I thought all of the rooms looked really cool, and coordinated with the wardrobe really well. Whoever chose which members to put together in the individual shots was really creative by putting them together based on hair color. Chunji and CAP, the two blonde ones, were together, L.Joe and Niel, the colorful ones, were together, and Changjo and Ricky, the brunettes, were together. It looked really clean and appealing. I rarely see members arranged by hair color, but it worked really well in this video. It also just looked cool to switch from the group dance to a scene of two members doing the dance. Honestly, they could have just not included the “story” and it would still have been an amazing, visually appealing video. The dance and colors were entertaining enough in my opinion.

Score: 4/5


I was really happy with most of the wardrobe. I thought both dancing scenes looked amazing. Even though they were different and everyone was wearing different style outfits, it all had the same theme throughout the entire video. I like the red outfits slightly better than the gold ones because I think together with the hair those ones looked all around perfect. I loved literally every single outfit in that scene. In the gold scene, I also liked every single one except for C.A.P. (the top of a suit and shorts just don’t go together). The outfits in the white story scenes were pretty good too. I loved Changjo’s in that scene. That and L.Joe’s red outfit are tied for my favorite. For individual scenes where the members of Teen Top are sitting among their riches, I loved Ricky’s outfit, but had a few problems with others. I thought C.A.P. definitely looked rich, but the style of the outfit was not very good in my opinion. As for Niel, I get what he was trying to do with those gold pants, but they just looked like fur to me. As a whole, though, this wardrobe was pretty darn good.

Score: 4.5/5


Obviously the first thing to talk about is the outstanding footwork. This dance just blew me away. The instrumental part was so energetic with such crisp and coordinated movements. The constant movement and switching places always gave me something cool to look at without a single dull moment. It was almost as if the stage itself was moving. Each move led right into the next in the most entertaining way possible. Even the main arm move, while simple, had enough movement to still be attention grabbing and fit the beat o the song perfectly. Again, I think it was such a good idea to have the members arranged by hair color. It not only made the choreography move themselves entertaining, but also the formation of the dancers. Everything was just done so incredibly well. I could seriously watch it all day.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I was blown away with this video. The song is addicting like no other, and the dance is just unbelievable. This is easily Teen Top’s best video, song, and dance. This video has been on constant repeat for me ever since it came out.

Overall Final Score: 4.4/5

Question of the Day:

Can someone please tell me WHAT is being said after the second chorus? “DJ BATOO”? “DJ ONE TWO”? For any Nasties out there, I keep hearing “DJ BATOOST” 😛


What are your thoughts?

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