K-pop Catch-Up: August 2013 (SM/Woollim, Block B, Daniel, WGM, Heechul)

SM C&C Merges with Woollim Entertainment


(SM C&C, an offshoot of S.M. Entertainment, merges with Woollim Entertainment. This is supposed to give more profit to S.M. and more international opportunities for Woollim Artists, like INFINITE and TASTY. Woollim artists will also participate in SMTOWN concerts.)

At first, I was just really confused with this. It seemed like SM just bought out Woollim, but after more reading it looks like SM will just be financially supporting Woollim, allowing Woollim artists to be able to have more concerts in different locations where they wouldn’t have been able to before. That’s all fine, and I’m happy for INFINITE and TASTY and the other artists to be able to have more money to do more things. However, my inner SM Fangirl got a little ticked off when I found out that TASTY will be at SMTOWN concerts, and possibly INFINITE as well. I don’t have anything against either group, but SMTOWN concerts are so special for the SM Family. I love seeing all the SM artists interacting with each other in their big finale performance. I love seeing Eunhyuk, Kai, Yunho, Taemin, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Yoona, and Victoria as the dancers in the dance performance. I just feel like it will be awkward with a bunch of new artists who haven’t trained with these same people, and don’t have the same relationships with them, performing on the same stage. Regardless of “talent” and “worthiness” of performing together like other SM fans are discussing, I’m just talking about the interactions with each other on stage. I’m comfortable with the artists under SM, and they are already so comfortable and close to each other, so adding new artists to that mix will make the whole experience less personal. It’s like when you have a family gathering and the neighbors are invited. The neighbors are nice, but they aren’t part of the family, and are seen as outsiders, unable to share the same inside jokes or act as comfortably with everyone (likewise, the family members don’t act as comfortably with the neighbors as they do with the other family members). Now I’m not going to protest this or encourage the “black ocean” that some fans are talking about, because this is going to happen no matter what so we should just support the artists, but I’m just disappointed that this happened. It would have been totally fine if it was just the money being re-distributed behind the scenes. Once new artists start coming into our concerts though, I have a problem. (Seriously though, SM fans, please don’t create a black ocean. It is just hurtful, to the new artists AND the old ones you are trying to “protect”)

Block B to Return to the Music Scene


(After nearly a year of trying to break away from their previous entertainment company, and possibly leaving the K-pop scene altogether, Block B is back with a new entertainment agency and preparing for a comeback.)

BLOCK B IS BACK!!!!! I am so happy about this. I was absolutely crushed when I heard that Block B were suing their entertainment company. Speculations were floating around that Block B has so much baggage that they would never be able to get back on their feet after this. Block B is one of my all-time favorite groups. Their sound is so unique and special in K-pop, and it would have been a real tragedy to see them leave forever. I really believed that they wouldn’t be coming back, because after their debut they seemed to just have controversy after controversy. Thankfully, they are back with a fresh start, and I just can’t wait to see what they have for us after such a long and suspenseful break. Thank you Seven Seasons for taking them in! You’d better treat them right and handle them much better than Stardom did. I just hope the Korean public accepts them after everything that has happened.

Prosecution Demands 1 Year Jail Sentence for DMTN’s Daniel


(After being accused and admitting that he took part in the illegal distribution of marijuana, DMTN’s Daniel has been undergoing trial for months and is being demanded one year in prison by the prosecution. Nothing has been decided yet because they are still waiting on the verdict of the other people involved.)

😦 That is my face nowadays whenever I see or hear about Daniel. After “E.R.” came out, I immediately fell in love with DMTN and Daniel was my favorite from the very beginning. He speaks English and hosted GURUPOP Show, and from that he seemed to be such a cool person with a nice personality, and I just grew to love him even more. Just a few months after my discovering him, I hear about this whole marijuana thing and was just crushed. I still can’t sort out how I feel about it. I love him, but what he did was absolutely wrong and if it was anyone else, I would have completely agreed that they should be punished. However, sending Daniel to prison would mean we wouldn’t get to see him for at least that long, and DMTN would have to take a really long break. It sucks, but it’s fair. He committed a crime and should be punished. I just wish he didn’t do it in the first place. I wish this never happened so that I wouldn’t have to feel conflicted about being his fan. I just hope this all ends quickly and he learns his lesson.

Jinwoon and Junhee to Leave We Got Married


(2AM’s Jinwoon and actress Junhee, who have been a virtual couple on the show We Got Married, will be leaving the show after a relationship of 7 months.)

Noooooo don’t let them go! I love this couple. I wasn’t very interested in them at first, but seeing bits of them around Taemin and Naeun’s parts on the show, I was completely drawn in. They are just so cute together and have an adorable relationship. I have been watching We Got Married ever since Leeteuk and Sora were on it, and of all the couples I’ve seen, Jinwoon and Junhee have acted the most natural with each other. I hate that they are leaving after such a short time. Plenty of couples have been on the show for over a year, but it seems like lately couples don’t even make it to a year. When I started watching the show, Eunjung and Jangwoo were well over their one year anniversary, and the way they acted with each other was so comfortable and natural. That kind of relationship doesn’t develop except with time, and with couples leaving so soon, we can never even see that kind of relationship. I was waiting for Leeteuk and Sora to get to that point, but Leeteuk had to go to the military so they were broken up before they even left the awkward phase. Lee Joon and Oh Yeonseo were finally getting comfortable with each other, but then Yeonseo’s controversy happened and they were suddenly cut short. Now that I’m finally getting into Jinwoon and Junhee, they are being pulled from the show too. Can the We Got Married staff just pick their couples and keep them on the show for a good period of time instead of changing every few months? It’s just getting annoying and heartbreaking to have so many goodbyes on this show. I really hope they don’t do this to Naeun and Taemin.

Super Junior’s Heechul is Discharged from Military


(After completing his two year military service, Super Junior’s Heechul has finally been discharged.)

😀 😀 😀 Heechul is back! After being miserable with Yesung being gone, this ELF is very happy to have her Heechul back. 🙂 Heechul was never one of my favorites in Super Junior, but when he left, I was so surprisingly sad. It is just so heartbreaking to see these guys have to say goodbye to each other so much. Leeteuk’s speech on Heechul’s last day was so sad and brought tears to my eyes. After he left, their performances lacked a spark that Heechul would always bring. Upon hearing that he was coming back, I was happy, but also really worried that he would be all different like Kangin was when he came back, but seeing that picture of him receiving his award and coming back with a smile on his face acting like his normal crazy self, I realize that I had nothing to worry about. A personality like Heechul’s just doesn’t go away. I am so happy to have our Big Space Star back. 🙂

That’s it for August! I have a couple more reviews to post for this month, and then the Lost Videos post and then we’ll be on to September. I hope you all enjoyed this! What did you think of these news stories? Did what I say about the SMTOWN thing make sense? Does anyone else agree with me? Again, I don’t have anything against INFINITE and TASTY. I just don’t know them like I know the other SM artists. Let me know your thoughts!

In other news, BTOB is coming back this month! I’m beyond excited, especially after seeing that teaser picture! 😀


What are your thoughts?

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