NU’EST “Sleep Talking” Music Video Review


I loved this song as soon as it began. The raps were amazing. They carried the song along really well and gave it a nightmarish feel to it, which is very appropriate considering what the song is about. I thought the singing during the chorus around the raps went together really well. It’s hard to tell if I liked the raps or the chorus better. The chorus was definitely super catchy. I loved the repetitions of “Gobaek” and “Kodae” with Minhyun and Baekho’s singing in the background. It sounded good and was a really great way to bring the singers and rappers together in the chorus. I’ve never seen a song that combines rap and singing together so appropriately and flawlessly before this song. It was really well done. From beginning to end, this was a really well-put together and solid song.

Score: 4.5/5


The video was just so funny. The members of NU’EST are sleeping in a room, having their own dreams. JR is going through a maze trying to find a girl but ends up finding a key. Aron has that same key and is looking for the door that it opens. Ren is trapped in a room with objects that aren’t really there. Baekho is being hunted by a killer. Finally, Minhyun is sent to the girl’s house only to find that the rest of the members are already there waiting to meet the girl. They all fight, and at the end of the video we see that while they are all having these dreams, the girl is on the outside observing them as part of her own little experiment. It was really fun, in some ways twisted, and very entertaining. I like that the dreams overlapped in some parts. I just wish they could have been more related. JR and Aron seemed to be part of the same universe while Ren and Baekho were all by themselves in completely different dreams. The story really would have been amazing if they were all equally related to each other instead of some being more related than others. It was a really good concept, but it seems like it was only partially developed and could have been way better. Nonetheless, it was really creative and I have to give credit to that. The twist at the end definitely made up for the odd overlapping in the middle.

Score: 4/5


This was a really cool video to look at. All of the colors and different rooms were very attractive and entertaining. I like that all of the dancing and solo shots were taken in the same sets as the stories. The dreams themselves were in really cool, creatively made rooms. Ren’s room has to be my favorite by far. It was so fun and creative to have everything written out in words instead of actually being there. I also really liked JR’s maze. It was very characteristic of a crazy nightmare. All of the upside-down scenes were also appropriate for NU’EST’s crazy world in this video. It was also a very good touch to have each member acting crazy in the main sleeping scene one by one instead of all together. That really added to the progression of the story. The end shot of them all flailing around in their beds was just priceless.

Score: 4.5/5


While I would never recommend wearing any of these outfits in public, I thought they were all very appropriate for the video. Each member had their own style of outfit, but they all had patterns and prints that gave each outfit a pajama-look. JR’s and Aron’s looks were my personal favorite, but the rest were pretty good and fitting with the story and overall video. I do have a few complaints though. Ren’s yellow wide-sleeve shirt was just too crazy for me. They can have all of the flower prints and crazy pants they want, but that shirt was just too feminine, and I even wonder if it would look good on a girl. I also thought Minhyun’s green shirt was just…unnecessary. I thought Ren, Minhyun, and JR looked especially good in the Dream Ave. dancing scene, but again, that is just my personal taste. Overall, they all had a good theme and pulled it off really well.

Score: 4/5


This was an amazing dance. There were a few absolutely incredible moves surrounded by not amazing, but still pretty entertaining dance moves. I thought the beginning and end sleeping scenes were great, and a perfect way to introduce and close the song. My favorite move, though, was lying down alarm circle they made around JR after the first chorus. That was super creative and really entertaining. I love how many elusions to sleeping they made in this dance. With the moves I already mentioned, they also had the dozing off move in the chorus and the stretching, which I thought were just so cute and amazingly fitting for the type of song. All of the choreography fit the sound and beat of the song really well. I thought the first jerking move, when they were repeating “Gobaek” looked too much like dolls instead of sleeping for this dance, and the lifting shirt move was not appropriate for this video, but literally everything else I absolutely loved.

 Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I loved this video. I knew right from the teaser that I would like it, and thankfully I was proven right. The song was catchy, video entertaining, and dance incredible. This is definitely one of my favorite NU’EST videos.  (It might even be my favorite!)

Overall Final Score: 4.3/5

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