ZE:A “The Ghost of the Wind” Music Video Review


This was a surprisingly good song.  The electronic instrumental mixed with the violins made for a fun, yet dramatic song.  I love how the singing in the beginning was so subtle. It led up to the chorus very well and eased me into the song perfectly. I also loved the chorus.  It had such an easy to listen to and entertaining melody.  The beginning, chorus, and ending were all done so well. I was really torn about giving this a perfect score or not. It was hard to find something to criticize about the song. The only part that wasn’t absolutely perfect was the deep chorus voices. They sounded cool, but were disproportionately epic in comparison to the song as a whole (if that makes sense).

Score: 4.9/5


I liked this story.  Basically, ZE:A are ghosts, or some kind of human that exists, but that the girl is unable to see. As they try to get her attention, she feels she is being terrorized. We see her walking around in her pajamas, suggesting that she is sleeping while this is all taking place, and interacting with the ZE:A members. She can’t see them, but can still sense that they are there. I really like that the story relates to the song. They sing about how they are invisible to the girl, and that is exactly what the video is about, but in a more mysterious and supernatural way. I love that the story escalated at the end with her going absolutely crazy, and then finally being touched by her ghosts. The end was very entertaining, although it would have been nice to see more of her interactions with them during the actual video instead of just at the very end. I liked the idea though.

Score: 4/5


The cinematography of this video was definitely good, but not all that amazing. It was a really good touch to have the dancing scene and story scenes take place on the same set. Not a lot of videos do this, but it really helps keep the different scenes unified in one video. The sets looked very mysterious, fitting the feel of the story. I thought the scene with the large “painting” of Kwanghee and the girl looked really cool, but was unrelated to the rest of the scenes. It just seemed like a filler scene to include the other members.

The best moment was the very end for me. Having the ghost finally touch her and then immediately end the video was so dramatic and ended the story amazingly. I loved it. The rest of the video would have been a lot better if there were less scenes of them singing and more of the story and the girl interacting with the ghosts.

Score: 3.5/5


There weren’t a lot of outfits to judge, but I found the overall concept to be pretty good. I liked the white suits the best. They looked very neat, and gave ZE:A the impression of mysterious story-tellers, which is exactly who they are as the singers of the song. The other dance scene suits were okay, but I thought the pattern was a little too busy. I also wish the members weren’t dressed exactly the same in those two scenes. It would have made the overall picture much more interesting if there were little differences on each member’s suit. I really liked all the accessories though, and the story suits looked really good on the members. As for hair, I thought everyone looked really good, except for Kwanghee’s parted down the middle style and Dongjun’s straightened hair. Kwanghee’s just didn’t look good and I felt Dongjun’s made him look too dark for this concept. In general, the wardrobe was good for the video, with a few things that could have been better.

Score: 3.9/5


So much of this dance was just amazing. I absolutely loved how the dance started and ended. The member formations were incredible and as a unit, ZE:A made really cool images with their dance moves. The entire first verses and the chorus were really good too. The way each move led into another was exceptional. Ironically, the dance break was my least favorite part. It was still pretty good, but not as entertaining as the rest of the dance was. I just wish the main arm raising move looked a little more epic and a little less like the members making a rainbow with their hands. That is such a small thing though. Overall, it was really, really good.

 Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I was happily surprised with this video. Initially, the song, story and dance didn’t amaze me, but the second time going through it, I loved everything. The song was the best part for me, but the dance was pretty good too. This is tied with Mazeltov as my favorite ZE:A song, and is definitely my favorite video (out of the three that I’ve watched :P)

Overall Final Score: 4.2/5

question of the day:

what did you think of this music video? how did it compare with other ze:a videos?


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