B.A.P “Badman” Music Video Review


This song showed a lot of promise in the teaser, but I must say that after hearing the whole thing, I am disappointed. The chorus is pretty good and the background instrumental sounds really cool, but the rest of the song is not as impressive.  The verses around the chorus do not match the chorus nor each other, especially the parts right after each chorus as well as Zelo’s rap.  They don’t flow very nicely into the next set of verses. The rhythm of those parts is very hard to follow. The random cries throughout the song don’t help either; they just interrupt the beat of the song.

I have commented before on how well T.S. Entertainment arranges the different voices in B.A.P, but I thought they combined the voices all wrong in this video.  For example, having Himchan’s soft voice in between the strong shouts of Youngjae and Jongup is too drastic of a difference in such a short period of time.  B.A.P usually has very strong songs, but the composition of this one is just not up to par.

Score: 2.5/5


It took me a couple of views to get the storyline, but here is what I have: B.AP and the other “Bad Men” are having a riot and the police are trying to shut them down. Everyone is angry and yelling at each other, then Bang Yongguk throws a bomb and the fighting breaks out. During the fight, we see through flashbacks that some of the Bad Men are normal guys with normal lives and just want to be left alone. Some of the flashbacks also show a random storyline of one of the Bad Men committing a murder. Then Daehyun screams and everyone falls, showing that B.A.P is stronger, “Badder”, and better than the Bad Men and the Police combined.

I like that we saw that they are actually fighting for something and not just fighting for the sake of fighting.  It is really cool to see B.A.P on top in the end.  The end is cool, however there is no beginning to the story showing how this situation started in the first place.  The first time I watched it, it just looked like fighting without a reason or cause.  Also, the side storyline of the murder is unnecessary.  The rest of the flashbacks make me feel sympathetic to the Bad Men, but that one makes it seem like that one murderer Bad Man is just a criminal.  The beginning and really the whole thing could be a lot clearer.

Score: 3.5/5


The cinematography of this video is okay.  I really like that they include the flashbacks, and some of the scenes do look really cool.  I like the main dancing scene.  It is an empty room, but the walls and ceilings are decorated so elaborately, suggesting that even though B.A.P are Bad Men, they still live the high life.  This has been a constant theme in B.A.P’s videos and I love it. While I also like how B.A.P appears to be in a prison during their individual shots (very appropriate for the story), the camera movements and scene cuts of that part are so drastic and quick that it is hard to follow the story.  It also doesn’t help that the colors are muted for almost the whole video.  Then there are some random shots that just don’t make sense at all for me.  Why are they in an abandoned building with flashlights? They aren’t policemen.  And what in the world is the significance of showing a teddy bear when Bang Yongguk shouts “Peace” after the second chorus? All of those post-chorus scenes are just out of the nowhere.  Since there is both good and bad, I’m going down the middle with this one.

Score: 3/5


Here is another category with both good and bad.  I love the wardrobe of the story scenes.  The outfits, hair, and makeup look so cool and really make them look like tough Bad Men.  Daehyun and Youngjae look the best in those scenes for me.  While they still look like their juvenile selves, the face paint gave them an such an intense edge.  On the other hand, I am not so much a fan of the wardrobe of the dance scene.  All of the different colors and patterns are hard to look at, and the heavily patterned background doesn’t make it any easier.  The style of the outfits themselves is very strange too, with all different parts of the jackets hanging off of them.  Overall, the wardrobe is good, but not great.

Score: 3.5/5


I do not like this dance. The main “Badman” move is so inappropriately slow.  I keep thinking that maybe there is supposed to be some significance in the fact that they are shaping themselves like a cross, but nothing else in the dance or video supports that theory. The majority of the dance is just repetition of very simple movement and do not entertain me. Usually I am really impressed with B.A.P’s dances because they are full of so much energy, synchronization and rhythm, but this just doesn’t seem to have any of that.  It feels like they got a new choreographer for this song or something, because it is much less entertaining than their other dances.  I just can’t find a lot to like with this dance.  It could partially be due to the song constantly changing this beat, but I just can’t bring myself to enjoy it.

 Score: 2/5

Overall, I was really disappointed with this comeback. The song was hard to listen to, the dance was hard to follow (and a bit boring), and the story, while a good story, was hard to understand.  Something just went wrong with this one. I’m sorry, B.A.P!

Overall Final Score: 2.9/5

Question of the Day:

Do you have another interpretation of the story?


3 thoughts on “B.A.P “Badman” Music Video Review

  1. I would have to disagree with some of these comments. Musical composition wise, I would agree that the song is quite disjointed. But at the same time, it helps to set the chaotic mood. The MV itself is slightly confusing but I think you missed something. BADMAN had a lot to do with the negativity in the media and BAP was like people watching the news (Youngguk didn’t throw the molotov cocktail). So I don’t think them being the last ones standing had anything to do with superiority. They kind of symbolize the news whom just reports what they see thought it might not be correct. At the end, they just wanted the fighting to stop and it shows how it just hurts everyone.

    The song itself talks about them fighting back against people who were oppressing them (the police). There’s the very obvious flashbacks of happy times plus the flag that says DAD’S GONE. The people making the drug exchange are not a part of a flashback since they didn’t connect those scenes with any of the people in the fighting scenes. The point is, the police are fighting against the good guy rebellions whilst the bad guys are still doing crimes elsewhere.

    The dance isn’t as…physically demanding as their previous songs but the cross is a huge amount of symbolism. Especially with the fact that they’re saying I’m a Badman at that part. It’s not simply a cross, I think it’s leaning more towards the crucifixion idea, symbolizing that these people(the good guy rebels) are willing to give up their lives to fight the oppression OR it could be that long ago, criminals were crucified.

    Despite what I just said, the rebellion might actually be the target bad guys and it just shows how bad guys also have “good” sides. The downfall of this video is the lack of clarity.


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