July 2013 – Part 4 (f(x), VIXX, EXO)

Here are the videos I missed from July! I feel bad that I didn’t get to write a full review for anything this past month, so these posts will basically just be mini reviews.  There will be four parts to this set of videos.  This is part 4.

f(x) “Rum Pum Pum Pum”


Song:  I wasn’t so crazy about this song, but the background instrumental was amazing and the raps were really good.  I didn’t like all the overlapping lines around the choruses; they sounded too messy.  The “Rum Pum Pum Pum” line didn’t fit the rest of the song.

Score: 3/5

Cinematography:  The video had somewhat cool sets and good camerawork, but it was so boring.  Nothing happened, the flower scenes were shown in fractions of seconds and didn’t go anywhere.  The rotating scenes just got repetitive in the end.  There wasn’t much to enjoy aside from the dance in this video.

Score: 2.5/5

Wardrobe:  There were a couple really cute outfits, like Victoria’s red outfit, her blue outfit, and Luna’s blue outfit.  The rest were okay, but some just looked odd.  The sports wear in the first dancing scene didn’t match the glamorous clothes of Krystal and Luna in that scene.  The other scenes were similarly mismatched.

Score: 2.9/5

Dance:  It was a dance, but I didn’t find it especially entertaining.  I didn’t think the movements quite fit with the sound of the song.  I loved the dance break part, but other than that it was just okay.  The hand movements and leg movements didn’t connect with each other.

Score: 3/5

Overall Final Score: 2.9/5

VIXX “G.R.8.U.”


Song:  It wasn’t my favorite VIXX song, but it did have a nice melody throughout and the chorus grew on me as I listened to it.  It was a really feel-good song.  I didn’t like the “oooo-aaa-iiiiay” at the end of the chorus.

Score: 4/5

Cinematography:  The backwards thing was so creative and cool! The picture thing in the middle was also cool, but was a little random and didn’t have anything to do with the other scenes.  I like that they broke free from the room in the end.

Score: 4/5

Wardrobe:  I loved all of the white outfits and the picture outfits.  The checkered ones looked cool, although some of the individual outfits in that scene were a little too checkered (especially Ravi).

Score: 4/5

Dance:  VIXX consistently has really good dances.  I wouldn’t say this is their best one, but it’s still better than half the dances I watch.  Love all of the sharp moves and energy of it all.  Didn’t really like the arm-shoulder moving in the beginning of the chorus, but the rest was pretty good.  (The part during Ravi’s rap was my favorite! Watch it in their Dance Practice Video.)

Score: 4/5

Overall Final Score:  4/5

EXO “Growl”


Song:  The chorus is so addicting! the whole song had such a catchy beat.  The singing before the chorus fit very well and made way for an epic chorus.  The part before the last chorus was a little out of place.

Score: 4.5/5

Cinematography:  The fact that it was done in one take was very cleverly put together and impressive, but other than that the video was so empty.  The flashing lights were so annoying!

Score: 3/5

Wardrobe: The suits were also boring.  They blended right into the background.  They didn’t look especially attractive and those without tucked-in shirts looked too shabby.

Score: 2/5

Dance: I loved it!  Every move fit the beat flawlessly.  I loved the quick, bouncy movements, especially the chorus.  The group formations were exceptional.  Only complaint: The hopscotch move at 1:26 just looked silly.

Score: 4.9/5

Overall Final Score:  3.6/5


What are your thoughts?

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