K-Pop Catch-Up: July 2013 (Hangeng, EXO, Celebrity Recruits, Youtubers React)

I’m back! I can’t thank you all enough for waiting so patiently this past month.  Happy Eid to all of my Muslim readers! A lot happened in the past month, with new videos coming out as well as things happening in the news.  I’ve decided to start something new with my blog: “K-Pop Catch-Up”.  At the end of every month, I’ll be posting my thoughts on the major entertainment news stories of that month.  (Over the next week, I’ll be posting very quick reviews of the music videos that I missed this past month, so keep an eye out for those)

Here are my thoughts about July:

Hangeng to Be in Transformers 4


(Hangeng, former Super Junior member, will be in the next Transformers movie)

This had me squealing like a little girl.  If you don’t know by now, Super Junior is my all-time favorite group, and even though Hangeng isn’t an official member of Super Junior anymore, I love him just as much as the other members and still consider him as part of the SJ family (and I’m sure most other ELFs feel this way too).  I am so incredibly happy for him.  He has been so successful since leaving Super Junior, and he definitely deserves it.  Since his music is part of the Chinese market, I can only watch his music videos, but I have seen him nominated for all these international awards, as well as winning them, so I know he’s doing well.  Being part of such a big Hollywood franchise as Transformers is such a great thing for him.  I have always loved the Transformers movies, so I’m super excited to see one of my favorite singers in it!  (This is also a huge relief considering both Shia Labeouf AND Meagan Fox won’t be in it, which was such a disappointment.  I finally have something to look forward to in the next movie!)

EXO’s “Wolf” Drama Version Released


(S.M. Entertainment finally released the drama version of EXO’s “Wolf” two weeks after the official music video came out.)

What the heck SM?!  All I can say is “WHY?”  Why would you release a teaser making everyone think the music video will have a story in it, then release the music video a week later with NO story whatsoever, then wait another two weeks and surprise everyone with a drama version?  The drama version didn’t even have a complete story or a complete song.  After seeing the official music video, I was convinced that a drama version wasn’t even coming.  It is so typical of SM to tease us with a totally false image of their actual music video.  When I did see the drama version, I thought “This had better be really good for SM to make it a separate video and wait so long to post it,” but then I watched it.  The parts of the story that were shown were okay, but it went by super fast and was cut off very early.  My fangirl side is also very disappointed that so few members were really shown in the video.  I missed my Lay and my Chen and my Baekhyun!  Everything about it was done in such a weird, unprofessional way and in the end just left me disappointed.

Celebrity Recruit Unit Abolished


(After the whole scandal with Se7en and given past and current criticism of the military situation, there will no longer be a celebrity recruit unit in the South Korean military.  Celebrities who enlist will be normal soldiers like everyone else.)

I’m always on the lookout for these articles about the military, and I think every ELF is with all of the Super Junior members either in the military or lining up to go.  Yet as much as I love them and other celebrities who enlist in the military, and as much as I wish for them to be safe and taken care of, I am really happy about this news.  I personally think it is totally unfair that celebrities are treated differently than other soldiers solely on the fact that they are famous.  I would love for Leeteuk to have as painless an experience as possible while he is in the military, but just because I am a fan of his doesn’t mean he deserves to be treated better than any other Korean citizen who enlists.  Back when Kangin and Heechul enlisted, I didn’t know celebrities are in a separate unit from the other soldiers, but when I did find out, I felt so stupid for being worried about them.  Now at least we can all worry about them with justification.  I hope the Ministry of Defense actually sticks with this decision because it is really the fairest way.

Youtubers React to K-Pop


I love Youtubers React along with all of the other “React” shows TheFineBros create, and I was so excited when they said they were going to have their youtubers reacting to K-pop.  Obviously “Kids React to K-pop” didn’t go so well, but it still gained K-pop a lot of recognition which is always a good thing.  Good or bad, recognition always reels in more international fans.  I knew this would be different though, because the youtubers on the show are much older and more mature than the kids, with a reputation to keep in mind, so I knew they weren’t going to say anything super offensive.  In the end, it was actually pretty entertaining.  I’m glad they were shown better videos this time, more representative of what K-pop actually is (props to TheFineBros!).  TheFineBros are fans of K-pop now, so they knew much better what they were talking about this time.  I was pretty satisfied with the youtubers’ responses too.  Everyone was very honest, but also very respectful, which I really appreciated.  Honestly, I had nearly the exact same reactions that they all did to “Fantastic Baby” and “I Got A Boy” (“Lucifer” on the other hand…I loved everything about that video when I saw it for the first time!).  I especially loved Smosh’s, Jacksfilms’ and Tyler Oakley’s comments (Tyler Oakley is totally going to become a K-pop fanboy after this.).  It was just really cool to see these youtubers, many of whom I really like, listen and comment on a music genre so near and dear to me.  Thanks Fine Bros!

One of my favorite K-pop Youtubers did a video of himself reacting and talking about this. It’s called K-Pop Fan Reacting to Youtubers Reacting to K-pop.  Check it out!

That’s it for this post! Was there anything noteworthy that happened this month that I missed?  What did you guys think of all these things that happened?


One thought on “K-Pop Catch-Up: July 2013 (Hangeng, EXO, Celebrity Recruits, Youtubers React)

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