B.A.P “Coffee Shop” Music Video Review

Definitely not a concept I was expecting, but I love it!


This was a really nice, mellow song.  The instruments in the background really gave it the “coffee shop” feel.  I thought the instrumental solo in the middle went on a little long, but was perfect at the end of the song.  I loved the soft singing that B.A.P did.  It was a surprisingly nice break from the harsh rapping.  I was especially impressed with Zelo and Himchan.  They have the more hip-hop sounding voices in the group, but I thought they sounded the most pleasant in this song.  I actually wish Zelo sang for his entire part instead of changing to a light rapping.  All in all, it was a good song.  It wasn’t my favorite B.A.P song, but I could totally imagine myself pleasantly relaxing in a coffee shop with this song in the background. 

Score: 4/5


I found the tone of this video to fit the song really well.  All of the colors had a brown tint to them which reminded me of a coffee shop.  Also, the things that the members were doing were more peaceful and also fit the theme.  I really liked that the video ended with all of them at a coffee shop, but I would have liked to see the other individual stories relate more to that end scene or at least relate more to each other.  It made sense to see them all outside doing their own thing because from that we can assume that they are all making their way to the coffee shop, but we also had moments that didn’t go at all with the rest of the scenes.  We see Youngjae lying on a beach, Zelo skateboarding outside his house, and Youngjae again sitting by himself at a different coffee shop.  The scenes of them walking around fit the concept, but these other things that are completely unrelated to the end seemed a bit disconnected.  I also didn’t like that there were so many scenes.  All of the different outfits and scenes took away from what could have been on storyline.  Both Zelo’s scene on the stairs and the scene of all of them in a white room looked good, but didn’t at all look like the rest of the video.  To sum it up, all of the scenes had a similar tone, but not the same tone, which made it difficult to appreciate the end.

Score: 3/5


There were a lot o outfits in this video, and they did all fit the toned down coffee shop theme, but while there were clearly some that I loved, there were also some that I really didn’t like.  The simplest way for me to write this is to just list them out.  Outfits I loved: all of Daehyun’s outfits, Youngjae’s as he is walking through a crowd of people, Jongup’s black hoodie, Himchan’s fountain outfit and his white outfit in the scene with him and Jongup.  Outfits I could do without: Youngjae’s big hats, his outfit in the white scene, Jongup’s green outfit, or Bang Yongguk’s  red, white, and blue outfit.  The rest were okay, but those are the ones that stood out for me.  The concept of it all was good, and the good definitely outweighed the bad, but there were too many outfits that I disliked for me to ignore.

 Score: 3.9/5

Overall, it was a pleasant video, but definitely not one of my favorites by B.A.P.  I thought they pulled off this softer image pretty well, but I have to say that I missed the warrior image.  They are a very versatile group though and I look forward to the different images they try in the future.

Overall Final Score: 3.6/5

question of the day:

What did you think of Zelo’s singing?


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