Lee Hyori “Going Crazy” Music Video Review


This was a pretty good song with an easy rhythm to follow.  I usually don’t like this type of song, and I’ll admit that I got bored during parts of this song, but all in all it wasn’t bad.  It reminded me a lot of Lee Hi’s “It’s Over” with Hyori’s arrogant style of singing.  I had that “Michyeo” chorus stuck in my head for days.  It was slow, but also catchy and easy to listen to.  I didn’t like that there was talking in the middle though; it disrupted the flow of the song.  Other than that, it was a pretty good song even if it wasn’t my taste.

Score: 4/5


It would be a lie to say that I was not entertained by this video.  Seeing Hyori dress as a man and walk around acting like a stereotypical guy was pretty funny.  Just the simple act of cross-dressing made it entertaining, but the way she acted was plain hilarious.  She just walks around the video set with a bunch of swag and checks girls out.  It reminded me of those “Sh*t _____ Say” videos.  I liked it, but I also have to acknowledge that aside from walking and looking, Hyori didn’t do much else in this video.  The walking around was funny for the first minute, but it would have been a lot more entertaining if something changed throughout the video.  She spends the entire video just looking at the exact same types of girls.  I wish this story could have been a little more dynamic and had more of a real plot.

Score: 3/5


While the cinematography of this video was not particularly outstanding, I really love the one-take nature of the story portion.  It takes a lot of coordination and creativity to put together a one-take video, and this one was pretty good.  It really looked like Hyori was just living her life as a guy, walking where she wanted and not following a strict script.  These types of videos have more of a natural feel than other music videos which was refreshing.  I just wish they could have actually been outside doing this story instead of what looks like the inside of a warehouse.  That extra effort would have gone a long way in the final video.

Also, the end scene with Hyori as a girl didn’t fit in at all with the rest of the video.  There was no transition between boy and girl Hyori, so that end scene seemed very out of place and unnecessary.  All of the zooming in at the end made it clear that both boy and girl is Lee Hyori, but until then, the last scene seemed out of nowhere.

Score: 3/5


Simply put, I loved Hyori’s guy outfit and disliked her girl outfit.  The makeup artist made Hyori a very believable boy.  The facial hair was incredible.  I liked that she was wearing a suit, but had it very loose and not buttoned all the way to enhance the arrogant male attitude.  As a girl, however, the outfit was totally inappropriate for this video.  The clothes she was wearing looked more like something one would find on a pole dancer, not one of K-pop’s veteran performers.  There are better ways to dress her in a girly way to contrast her boy outfit than wearing makeup and lingerie.  Also, why in the world did she keep her long nails when dressed as a guy?

Score: 3.5/5


Let’s be real, there wasn’t any real dancing in this video.  The boy dance was just to enhance the character, and it did its job.  I couldn’t stop laughing at seeing boy-Hyori pop her collar and dance with her fake swag.  Of course it wasn’t a real dance, but it definitely fit the concept of the video.  The girl dance at the end, however, was pretty simple.  The moves matched the lyrics, but were not very entertaining.  There was no dance in this video until the very end, and honestly I think the video could have done without the girl dance.  I would have loved if it was just the boy dance, because technically that could be considered as part of the story, but the girl dance was unnecessary.

 Score: 3.5/5

Overall, this video was just hilarious.  I loved that Lee Hyori gave her all in dressing and acting like a boy.  I just wish they had taken out the girl ending.  Other than the ending, I really liked this video.  This series of videos for her comeback this year is giving me a pretty good impression of Lee Hyori.

Overall Final Score: 3.4/5

Question of the Day:

Did anyone else think she looks like Super Junior’s Kibum in this video?


What are your thoughts?

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