Henry “Trap” Music Video Review

This is the most fangirling this Super Junior-deprived ELF has done all year.


This song was everything I had hoped for and more.  From the instrumental background to the chorus to Kyuhyun’s amazing bridge, I loved every single minute of it.  The whole thing was incredibly well-done.  The piano in the background gave the song a dramatic feel that is different from Super Junior M’s songs, distinguishing Henry as a solo artist separate from his group.  The melody of it all had me completely engrossed in the song, hanging on to every word sung by Henry, Taemin and Kyuhyun.  I love that Taemin and Kyuhyun don’t come in until the middle of the song and that they had separate entrances.  It kept the song interesting with each addition, making every set of verses and each chorus a little bit different.  I thought Taemin’s and Henry’s voices fitted perfectly together, and that Kyuhyun’s soft lines added a lot of support without stealing the song away from Henry.  The diction of the lyrics were incredible and made this song very easy to listen to and enjoy.  

Score: 5/5


Everyone loves a good “stuck in the past” story, and this video hits it pretty well.  Henry is in a room, haunted by images of a girl that come to him and suddenly disappear.  Eventually, he has enough and tears the room apart in tears.  After he has completely broken down, he takes one last look at said girl’s necklace and leaves the room, the piano symbolically bursting in flames, and drives away.  However, as he is driving we continue to see images of Henry in the room with the girl, indicating that while he has physically escaped the room, his mind is still trapped in being haunted by her memories.  I loved the changes in the plot and how it begins and ends with the room.  The circular nature of the story by having Henry go back to the room even though he is escaped was bitterly ironic, which is one of my favorite types of stories.

My only complaint is that the ending seemed a bit unfinished.  There wasn’t one clear satisfying moment where Henry realizes what is happening.  He doesn’t completely escape nor really acknowledge that he is still trapped.  We just see him slowly remembering the room and the girl again and then the video ends. I really wish there could have been one final scene to determine how Henry will cope with the memories of this girl.  If they had just added one more scene, it would have made the story perfect.

Score: 4.5/5


This video looked really good.  I loved all of the dancing rooms.  Both the black room and the white room looked cool and had a young, youthful energy appropriate for Henry as a brand new (kind of…) artist.  The story room could have been better though, in my opinion.  While having no roof open up to an orange sky looked cool, it didn’t at all relate to the song or story.  Also, the room itself didn’t really look like a room one would find in a house.  It was very small, which fit the “trapped” theme, but didn’t have enough natural props to look like anything other than a music video set.  Music videos are supposed to make the viewer believe the story it tells, but having such specific objects like an empty birdcage or a random lamp took away any natural element that could have made the story more believable.

In terms of the camera work and the editing, I thought the images in the video complemented the song really well.  I liked that the story moved and changed during the chorus, adding drama to the video and relating it to the song, like how he begins crying as he is singing “I’m trapped.”  I also thought the entrance of Taemin and Kyuhyun were done really well.  After a bunch of scenes of only Henry, suddenly showing an individual shot of Taemin singing was a nice surprise for the fans.  I also thought having Kyuhyun hidden and slowly entering added suspense and built excitement for his featured part in the song.

The whole video looked good, but the producers should have put in a little more time in the story shots to make it more believable.  The room could have looked more realistic and the shots of the end could have been a bit clearer and less choppy.  Also, why did the fire in the piano go out?  I thought he was supposed to still be trapped.

Score: 4/5


I loved and hated so much of this wardrobe.  I really liked the concept of it with all of the jackets and hoods up.  It along with the backgrounds gave the video a fresh, young theme to fit Henry’s youthfulness.  There was a very clear distinction between Henry the singer and Henry the character because of the different outfits which I liked.  Henry the character started out innocent and haunted with his white shirt and nice pants, and became more assertive and tough as he escaped the room with his leather jacket and sunglasses.  I thought both of Taemin’s outfits were really good and cool.  It was nice to see Taemin wear Henry-style clothing instead of his crazy SHINee clothes that we’re so used to seeing him in.  While I liked the style of Henry’s orange and red outfits, I didn’t like the colors and patterns.  I also had mixed feelings about both of Kyuhyun’s outfits.  The jackets looked good on him, but the light shorts against tall black socks didn’t fit his style at all.

I do have to say that my favorite outfits were both of Henry’s individual shot outfits.  The gold jacket looked amazing on him and the black crown-hat gave him such a cool style that I wish he could have had during the dancing scenes.

I wish I could give it a higher score, but there were too many obvious outfits that I didn’t like to make up for the smaller ones that I loved.

Score: 3.9/5


As soon as I saw the teaser, I knew I would love this dance.  By climbing on the piano, Henry immediately makes people’s heads turn as he takes over the stage.  The rest of the dance is energetic and captivating to watch as well as relates to the lyrics.  As the chorus starts, Henry’s movements make him look completely fed up with being trapped in the memories of this girl and throughout the song becomes “trapped” inside the backup dancers.  Much like Lee Hi’s “Rose,” I thought the backup dancers were used really well in reinforcing the idea of the song through the dance.  The different ways they surrounded Henry or linked arms with him and Taemin gave the dance the appropriate “trapped” feeling.  I also liked that there was choreography to bring attention to the piano and violin sounds after each chorus.

While the dance was strong in relating to the lyrics, I thought the simple movement of trapping his chest with his hands when singing “I’m trapped” was too easy and obvious.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I was very happy with this video. I am so incredibly happy with the video concept SM gave to Henry.  It was a perfectly planned out debut video, with Taemin and Kyuhyun as support for their new fellow artist without outshining him.  The song is great, the video has an actual story, and these three SM maknaes gave me just enough to fan-girl over.

Overall Final Score: 4.4/5

Question of the Day:

What did you think of Henry’s big debut? Did anyone else find themselves feeling like a proud parent watching him perform all by himself?


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