MBLAQ “Smoky Girl” Music Video Review

What a refreshing change for MBLAQ!


This song is the definition of smooth and classy.  The funky beat mixed with the light lyrics made the perfect combination.  I was especially impressed with how well this song fit the voices of the members of MBLAQ.  G.O. sounded amazing as usual, but Thunder’s and Joon’s voices fit their respective parts perfectly.  I also really enjoyed Mir’s rap.  It was done so smoothly and the way that he rapped it sounded like he was trying really hard to keep his cool in the presence of the “Smoky Girl” (which in this case is a good thing).  Thunder’s lines right before the rap flowed into it perfectly.  I thought all of Thunder’s parts fit with the concept of the song very well.  The song is called “Smoky Girl” and his voice faded in and out during all of his parts, like smoke.  Also, that “Girl, Smoky Girl, Smoky Girl, Smoky Girl” line was incredibly catchy and fun to listen to.  My only complaint is that I feel the song ended too abruptly.

Score: 4.9/5


Just like the song, this video looked super classy.  The use of color was so cool in this video.  They started out in all black, setting the stage as a smooth and suave performance.  They then switched to a white scene, adding more dance to the video.  Finally erupting in neon colors over the white outfits in a black room was the perfect way to tie the different concepts together.  This video portrayed MBLAQ as confident, smooth boys attempting to win the heart of their Smoky Girl.  I absolutely loved the scene of Mir’s rap.  Everything around him is frozen, giving Mir the spotlight as he is introduced in the song.  It also alluded to the idea that when MBLAQ sees the Smoky Girl, their entire world stops.

While the “Smoky”, classy concept was done very well in this video, I thought the actual Smoky Girl was completely pointless.  At the end of the video we are shown a girl standing alone in the club.  We are supposed to assume that this is the Smoky Girl MBLAQ is singing about, yet we only saw her once in the entire video.  That just seemed like a cheap way to throw in a pretty girl at the end of the video and was more unnecessary than revealing.  Also, what was the point her pink glass breaking in the middle of the video?  Aside from her scenes, I thought the appearance of this video was really good.

Score: 4/5


I really liked the concept of this video’s wardrobe.  The white suits and the black suits all fit really well with the “smoky” theme of the video and looked exceptionally well on the members of MBLAQ.  However, I really could have done without the rips in G.O.’s and Thunder’s black suits.  Rips completely contradict the idea of classy, refined suits.  I also thought the laced leather on the back of Joon’s suit was too edgy for a video like this.  All of the white suits looked good.  G.O. looked like the leader of the dance floor with his cool sunglasses and Mir’s glasses and ponytail gave him the perfect blend of class and swag as the rapper of the song.

The more casual black dancing scene wasn’t shown much in this video, but I saw it enough to notice both good and bad wardrobe moments.  I loved the gold jackets.  They matched the classy mixed with fun look as the rest of the video.  However, I did not like the floral pants.  I honestly thought they looked more like pajamas than anything else and contradicted the classy image of the rest of the wardrobe.

Score: 4/5


There is no dance version of this video, but from what I saw in the main video, I liked the dance.  All of the footwork was really well-done.  I’ve seen this subtle shuffling before, specifically in B2ST’s “Fiction”, but I thought it was done much better in this video.  In “Fiction”, I thought the movements were too slow and subtle for that type of song, but the movements in this dance were subtle enough to match the slow, suave sound of the music, but the members moved the rest of their bodies across the dance floor, adding more life into a small movement.  I also liked the sideways movement of the entire formation of members during Seungho’s part right before each chorus.  However, I thought the move before that, where they look like they are dancing with imaginary dance partners, just looked awkward.  Without an actual dancer there, the movement looks silly.  I also thought the random dancers during Mir’s rap were unnecessary and broke away too much from the synchronized group formation of the rest of the dance.

 Score: 4/5

Overall, I really liked this video.  It was different from MBLAQ’s other videos, but was a refreshing change and pulled off very well.  While there were definitely moments that I didn’t like, they were all so small to really influence my overall liking of the video.  Nicely done, MBLAQ!

Overall Final Score: 4.2/5

Question of the Day:

Any thoughts on Thunder’s pink hair and how in the world it fits with this concept?


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