EXO “Wolf” Music Video Review

This seems like one of those songs that people will either love or hate.

Keep reading to find out what I thought!

(Note: This is the Korean version, but I personally like how the Chinese version of the song sounds better)


It was definitely a risk of SM to give EXO a song like this, but I think it was a risk well-taken—for the most part.  I absolutely loved this song.  The background had a dubstep feel to it which went along really well with all of the raps.  I thought the raps were incredible in this song.  Most songs are usually full of singing with a rap section towards the end (unless it is by a hip-hop group like Epik High), but this song seemed to be written to highlight the rap skills of EXO.  Each rap carried the song along all the way through the choruses to the end and I loved each one.  They were all a little bit different, but true to the song and very catchy.  Even though there were a lot of short raps, EXO was still able to showcase their amazing singing ability.  One of my favorite parts of the song is when the music momentarily stops and Baekhyun and Chen together sing the line right before the last “Naega Wolf” lines.  It was a great way to wrap up the song.

As much as I loved all of the different sounds in this song, the criticisms EXO has faced do have a bit of truth to them.  The singing parts right after each “Wolf” bit did sound disconnected with the rest of the song.  I also didn’t like the random belted singing in the slower part before the last chorus.  Both of these parts sounded great, but didn’t completely fit in with the rest of the song.  Also, the “Saranghaeyo” parts in the chorus were completely out of nowhere and an inappropriate addition to a song like this.

Score: 4.5/5


This video looked really cool.  The dark room with the claw-like ceiling looked amazing and reflected the theme the best out of the three rooms.  Even though the dark “EXO” room where the individual shots were done didn’t have a “wolf” theme, it was EXO-themed and made gave the dance scenes an interesting edge by only showing the silhouettes.  The silhouette images reflected the idea of the wolf as a sneaky predator.  The best imagery in this video was when the wolves were running into the dance and then turned into members of EXO.  It took me by surprise each time and looked awesome.  I wish they could have done that special effect more than just the three moments where it was done.  There was also one single moment in the video where claw marks are seen on the screen, as if EXO just scratched the viewer, but I thought it was silly to have an effect like that happen only once.  Scratch marks weren’t a theme in this video, so that one moment seemed to be out of the blue.  The wolf theme was really cool though, but I wish there could have been more.  With such an epic song like this, I would have liked to see more images of wolves running around or maybe images of a torn-up forest.  Just having the dance looked cool, but was too simple to be amazing.

Score: 4/5


There were a lot of outfits to look at in this video of 12 members, and overall, I really liked the wardrobe.  It did a much better job than the cinematography at portraying the wolf theme.  For example, Luhan, Baekhyun, and D.O. appeared to have some kind of “fur” on their clothes.  I also loved all of the accessories.  Suho’s earring looked like a wolf’s claw, and Tao had a violent-looking necklace.  The accessories gave the members of EXO both the cool, bad boy image as well as an animalistic, wolf image.  I also liked that each person’s outfits had a completely different style.  Instead of all of the members looking like similar characters, I saw twelve different personalities through the different outfits.  The rappers (Chanyeol, Kris, and Tao) looked like tough rappers, wearing hip-hop style outfits.  I absolutely loved Chanyeol’s look; he wore a top hat with a ringmaster’s jacket, which is fitting considering he is the first one to sing.  I saw that Tao has an edgier personality by his accessories and makeup while D.O. has a younger, more innocent personality through his hoodie and lack of accessories.  Sehun also had a younger image (he is the youngest in the group after all) with his rainbow hair and beanie and just by his outfit, Lay looked like the main dancer of the group.

However it is inevitable with such a large number of outfits that I would dislike some of them.  I could not stand Kai’s white outfit.  White the rest of the members had white outfits, he randomly had on a green over-sized shirt that appeared to have packing peanuts stuck to it.  I didn’t think it looked good at all.  I also didn’t like D.O.’s frilly sleeves in the white scene.  That and Chen’s blue shirt in his solo scene were too delicate-looking for the tough wolf image of the rest of the outfits.  Finally, while I loved Luhan’s makeup, giving him the illusion of having scratch marks, I wish more of them had that makeup.  Since they are wolves, it didn’t make sense that only one of them actually had wolf marks on him.  These were such little complaints though, and overall I loved most of the wardrobe.

Score: 4/5


(Note: This isn’t the official dance version, but it’s just about the best one out there.)

This dance was incredible.  The moves followed the wolf theme in so many different ways and were so entertaining to watch.  My absolute favorite part was the moving triangle Lay, Xiumin, and Tao create right before the second chorus.  It followed the sound of that part of the song perfectly and I always find myself unable to tear my eyes away from the screen during that part.  Their group formations were perfect.  I loved the tree at the beginning and then how they brought it back in the middle of the song.  I also loved the “wolf cave” the members created as Suho’s part began after the first chorus.  All of the wolf moves were very clever and fun to watch.  The main wolf move was something fans can repeat very easily and got the message across.  All of the crawling and clawing at the camera fit the concept as well.

This choreography also did a good job at giving the proper members the spotlight when it was their turn to sing.  It was clever to have half of the members sing the first set of verses and then switch out with the other half.  They did the switching and coming back very smoothly and gave the audience a refreshing change of pace with each addition and switching of members.  I also appreciated that they gave the vocalists the spotlight during the second tree part.  They still had the trees so that the stage looked interesting, but let each member come down the middle to sing their part.  I thought that was very creative and a great way to avoid any dull moments in the choreography.

I could easily give the choreography a perfect score, but the twitching and stomping move in at the end looked way too silly for me to ignore.

Score: 4.9/5

Overall, I loved this video.  I didn’t think I was going to like it based on the teaser, but I was proven very wrong.  This video totally turned me into an EXOtic.  Even though they didn’t include the story, the dance and changing of members kept me entertained throughout.

Overall Final Score: 4.4/5

Question of the Day:

What do you think about how they joined EXO-K and EXO-M in this comeback?


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