VIXX “hyde” Music Video Review

After watching this music video, I honestly think VIXX may be one of the best dance groups in K-pop.


I liked this song, thought there are definitely some things I wish I could change about it.  It was a pretty good, fast-paced song.  I liked the creepiness of it, with the sing-rap lines every few lines and the electronic piano sound during the verses.  The changing beat was cool and kept me interested.  I couldn’t find myself loving this song though.  I did not like the rap (and I usually love the raps in K-pop songs).  I didn’t like how the pace of it kept changing.  That’s good for a whole song, but when the beat changes three times in one rap, it’s hard to follow and enjoy.  I also wasn’t a fan of the choice of instrumentals used in this song.  The electric piano during the verses sounded great, but during the chorus and at the end, it sounded more like video game music than an actual song.  There were violins in the beginning that I wished would have stayed.  They would have given the song a much more epic feel, but instead only lasted maybe 10 seconds.  I was really torn about what score to give this song, since while there aren’t any major things wrong with it, there was nothing special enough for me to love in it.  

Score: 3.9/5


The story for this video was a really cool idea.  The boys of VIXX are approaching a girl (either someone they like or a girlfriend) and attempt to get close to her.  Each of them, however, has a double personality: an angelic, “Jekyll” persona, and an evil “Hyde” persona.  While they are Jekyll, things go smoothly and they enjoy their time with the girl, but as Hyde, they struggle with all of their willpower not to hurt her.  It’s the classic inner demon story found in many books, but not a lot of music videos and I was very happy to see that in this one.

And yet, I found myself disappointed at the end.  The story was going so well up until then.  The members started out as normal humans, struggled to suppress their evil urge, only to have it explode out of them as they spread their black wings and turned into dark angels.  Then the video just ends.  We don’t see the result of what happens with the girl or even how they cope with their Hyde personality taking over.  We just see their wings spread and then are thrown a random shot of the girl with a member of VIXX inside her chest, which didn’t tell all that much.  We were only given the climax without seeing any actual end to the story.  This left me with a very unsatisfied feeling at the end of the video.  The story started out great, but didn’t offer a substantial ending.

Score: 3.5/5


This video offered just over the bare minimum in terms of cinematography.  I appreciated that there was a difference in outfits and colors in the Jekyll and Hyde scenes, but I found the rooms too all appear evil, even in the “good” scenes.  The whole video appeared to take place in some kind of eerie, mysterious castle.  Even in N’s story scenes, he is walking around with a girl and sitting on a bench as if they are in a park, yet they are just walking through a scary mansion.  I did like that both Jekyll and Hyde scenes were occurring at the same time, but the clips changed too rapidly for me to easily follow what was going on.  As for the bugs, they added a creepiness to the video, which was appropriate, but the constant appearance of them was unnecessary.  They were there to establish the feel of the video, but had no other apparent purpose than to just make the viewer uncomfortable.  

Score: 3/5


The wardrobe for this video was really good, from the overall concept to each individual outfits.  The white suits really made the members of VIXX appear to be innocent angels, while the black brought out their darker side.  All of the outfits looked good on everyone and were very appropriate for the video.  I didn’t like that some of the white suits appeared to have rips in them.  Those would have been much more appropriate on the black suits.

I thought the makeup was done exceptionally well in this video.  VIXX looked amazingly evil and creepy with the heavy makeup all around the eye.  Making it appear to drip off the eye added to the evil, animalistic character portrayed by the members.  I wish there could have been more scenes with that makeup, because it looked amazing.  While heavy eye makeup was done beautifully there, I found the eyeliner during the white scenes to be too heavy for the angelic characters.  While wearing the white outfits, the members were portraying innocence, and lighter eye makeup would have enhanced that pure concept as opposed to the heavy eyeliner. Overall though, the wardrobe was great.

Score: 4.5/5


This dance completely blew me away.  Every move was so precise and crisp and followed the beat of both the songs and lyrics perfectly.  I loved all of the domino formations of the members.  It made every minute of the dance dynamic and interesting.  The members used each other as one unit and put together an amazing performance.  The choreography incorporated each person’s entire body in a lot of the dance moves in such creative ways, such as having the feet shake while the hands did something else.  This created such amazingly complicated images that any fan of dance can appreciate.  Even the members singing took part in the dance.  Usually, the person singing breaks away from the dance and does some sort of freestyle, but with this dance, the person singing was still distinguished so that he can get proper attention, but still dance choreographed moves that fit in with the dance the rest of the members were doing.  My favorite moves were the choking move during the chorus and the choreography during the “Can’t control” lines.  They were not only captivating to watch, but related to the song.  The choking reflected that this Hyde character is taking over VIXX’s bodies in a way that they can’t prevent.  I just loved every minute of this dance. This is easily one of the best dances I’ve seen all year.

Score: 5/5

Overall, I was both impressed and disappointed with this video.  The dance and wardrobe were amazing, but the story could have been better.  However, this video showed me that VIXX has a lot of potential.  They know how to come up with a great story, and clearly have the means to create a visually appealing video. They just need to put all of their strengths together to fully develop one amazing video.

Overall Final Score: 4/5

Question of the Day:

What did YOU think of all of those bug scenes?


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