2PM “Come Back When You Hear This Song” Music Video Review

My first time watching this: It’s pretty good I guess.

My second time watching it: MIND. BLOWN.


This was a very solid song.  From the introduction, to the verses leading up to the chorus, to the rap, everything was very cohesive and kept me interested throughout the entire song.  I always love it when the instrumental picks up in speed as it anticipates the chorus and that was very well done in this song during Wooyoung’s parts.  In general, I found the voices of the different 2PM members to be used really well.  Frequently in songs by boy groups, especially Big Bang and Super Junior, the voices of the different members sound so different that it takes away from the cohesiveness of the song.  2PM, however, were able to use their voices in such a way to make it sound like one whole song sung by a unit rather that a bunch of different lines sung by different people.  From one line to the next, their voices matched the instruments in the background and almost blended into one another, making the difference between their voices very subtle.

There were only minor complaints that kept this song from being perfect for me.  I found the hook “I norael deutgo dorawa” to become a tad repetitive by the end of the song.  I also wish there could have been more of a definitive ending to the song.  The sudden fading out made the song seem incomplete in my opinion.

I also think the title of this song is noteworthy.  Since it has been so long since 2PM has had a comeback, it was clever to make the name “Come Back When You Hear This Song” as if it is not only telling the girl the song is for, but the entire K-pop audience to come back to 2PM once the song is released.

Score: 4.5/5


For the most part, I thought the story for this video was pretty good.  It showed different scenes with each member doing something to drive the girl away from them.  Chansung was too lustful, Wooyoung refused to practice, Nichkhun took phonecalls for business during a special dinner, Jun.K had an anger problem, Taecyeon let his jealousy get the better of him, and Junho drank too much.  After leaving, the girl hears the song sung by the members, causing her to come running back to them.  I liked how the story related to the title and how each member had his own problem; however, this video made the same mistake that so many others do by having the same girl in each boy’s story.  To make it even worse, at the end of the video, that same girl comes back to meet all six members of 2PM.  The video conveniently ended at that point, but I would have liked to see how they were going to address the problem of one girl being with six different guys.  By ending with the image of the one girl approaching the six guys, they made the flaw so obvious and unavoidable.

Aside from that, I also wasn’t very happy with the fact that as soon as the girl hears the music, she suddenly forgets every reason that made her angry and runs back to them smiling.  That was just way too easy.  Nonetheless, I liked the idea of the story.

Score: 4/5


I was blown away with the cinematography of this video.  In addition to very clean backgrounds and scene cuts, the cinematography of the story scenes was exceptionally clever.  I absolutely loved the words hidden in each scene.  For each person’s problem, there was one of the seven deadly sins attached to their scene.  For example, during Nichkhun’s part, the phone number calling him says “Greed”, and during Wooyoung’s scene, the name of his song is “Sloth.”  Once I figured out this pattern, with each scene I was anticipating where the hidden word would be.  I thought Taecyeon’s “Envy” written in the painting was the most brilliantly subtle.  Even the fact that the girl threw down a “Pride” necklace was symbolic, as if hearing the song makes her throw away her pride.  The idea was just brilliant and so entertaining.  My sole complaint is that the song seems to be heard by the girl during the day, yet they are singing and see her come back during the night, which didn’t make sense.

Score: 4.9/5


The wardrobe of this video was pretty good.  All of the colors matched each other and fit the backgrounds of each room.  The suits all looked very clean and mature.  I especially liked Taecyeon’s vest with jeans during his story scene.  He looked classy, but still kept his cool image as the rapper of the group.  I also really liked Wooyoung’s shirt during his story scene.  The pattern gave him an artistic personality, which matched his character of a pianist.  All of the scenes had very appropriate clothing.  I thought the suspenders got to be a bit much during the dancing scenes, though.  It would have been okay if just one of them were wearing suspenders, but having two members in each dancing scene with suspenders became too repetitive for my liking.

Score: 4/5


I loved the dance to this song.  Everything fit the beat of the song perfectly and was very entertaining to watch.  It was slow at the right parts and sped up the movements at exactly the right time.  The chorus was easily the highlight of the dance.  It was so energetic for such a mature song, but everything  fit together pretty well.  I liked that it went along with the lyrics, gesturing for the audience to come closer while singing “Come back.”  Using each member and positioning them around the stage was very strong in making one creative put-together dance.  I also thought dancing staggered on the steps was creative and unique.  I really wanted to give it a perfect score, but during the chorus, there is one move where they have their arms behind their back and it just make them look like birds rather than a cool dance move.  Other than that, the dance was perfect.

 Score: 4.9/5

Overall, I was very happy with this video.  Usually these serious, mature videos don’t impress me, but the cinematography and dance made it very much worth watching.  It was a very strong and appropriate comeback after two years.

Overall Final Score: 4.4/5

Question of the Day:

Are you satisfied with this as their first comeback in two years?


What are your thoughts?

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