uBEAT “Should Have Treated You Better” Music Video Review


Initially I was disappointed at the lack of emphasis on the rap for a duo of rappers, but regardless this was still a pretty good song. While it did have a sad, almost bittersweet sound to it, it followed a good rhythm.  The upbeat lyrics accompanied with the sad background instrumental created the perfect regretful feeling in the title and lyrics.  It was nice to hear Kevin’s, Eli’s, and AJ’s different style of singing together in the end.  The chorus itself was absolutely made for Kevin’s voice.

Everything in it was good and nice, but there wasn’t anything really special about it.  There was no oomph to get me to love this song.

Score: 4/5


The story was unfortunately the most disappointing part of this video.  On the surface, there didn’t seem to even be a story.  We see shots of Eli watching a girl, reaching for her, and just looking depressed.  Then there is a random shot of the girl floating up in the air.  Because of the title and sound of the song, we can assume the video is about Eli regretting something he did to the girl, but the floating scene didn’t appear to have any meaning.  I can see that they tried to incorporate a story in this video, but it wasn’t apparent what that story actually is to the viewer.  To me, it just looked like scenes of a girl and a guy staring off into space trying to look dramatic.  I’m sorry uBEAT, but I just didn’t get it.

Score: 1/5


The sad appearance of this video served a purpose, but didn’t make the video enjoyable to watch.  The use of colors was great in translating the regretful feeling in the song to the video.  All of the blues and browns made for a really depressing scene.  Having most of the video near a body of water was a great way to naturally add that soft, dull blue to the video. By the end of the video, however, I found the colors to appear more dull than sad.  Because the story didn’t add any interest to the video, I found myself bored by the end of the video because of the toned-down colors.  The camera itself was focusing in and out which also led to me unable to stay interested in the picture.  It was a good idea, but the out of focus, dullness became too much by the second half of the video.  Also, the video clips chosen to tell the story did not do their job.

Score: 3/5


I was not very happy with the wardrobe of this video.  For the most part, Kevin had pretty good outfits; however Eli’s and AJ’s were all over the place.  In the initial water scene, the shirts and jackets the two of them were wearing were not at all flattering and I found their pants to look too short.  They were at that awkward length to be too short for normal pants, but too long to be Capris.  The nighttime scene was a mix of good and bad.  Eli and Kevin looked good (except for Kevin’s safety pin earring) but AJ was a disaster.  Those shorts and jean jacket made him look more like a little school boy than anything else.  His outfit in the lighter tunnel scene was better though.  All three of them looked good in that scene, but Eli had some kind of skirt/scarf hanging off of him that took away from what could have been a really good set of outfits.

As a side point, I really liked all of the hats AJ wore in this video.  It gave him his own style as a rapper.

Score: 3/5


The dance was the one thing saving this video.  While there wasn’t a whole lot of the dance included in this video, I really liked what was shown.  The rolling move during Kevin’s “My girl” line in the chorus was fun and fit the slow beat perfectly.  The dance had enough movement to be entertaining, but wasn’t too energetic for this slow song.  Though there was only about 16 seconds of dance in this video, I really liked what I saw and wish there was more.

 Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I was really disappointed with this video.  I expected something much more fun and entertaining when I heard Eli and AJ were going to be put in a subgroup, but this song, while good, was much slower than I would have liked.  I had so much excitement for this subgroup, but was sadly given a not so great video.  At least AJ got a substantial amount of singing…

Overall Final Score: 3/5


Do you think there was too much Kevin in this video?


What are your thoughts?

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