NTrain “Come Back to Me” Music Video Review


To put it simply, I LOVED this song!  The chorus is incredibly addicting and the changing fast and slow verses around it kept me very interested the entire time.  From the very beginning it jumped right into the song, immediately grabbing my attention and not wasting time with a boring intro.  The instrumentals in the background also added a lot of flavor to the song.  It was so energetic and made for a perfect dance song.  It complimented the changing paced lyrics very well by keeping the same sound, yet changing the beat often.  At the end, when Sang Woo sang “I want you back,” the word “back” blended into the following instrumental portion which was a very good way of connecting the two parts of the song.  Even when there was no singing and just the electronic instrumental, I was loving every second of it.  The remixed dance sequence and the dance sequence in the end sounded so good and fit the sound of the rest of the song while still being different enough to keep my attention.  This was just an amazing song that had me hooked every second.

Score: 5/5


This video had a really nice appearance.  The different rooms matched the members’ outfits and all coordinated with each other pretty well.  I really liked out the camera angles went along with the tune of the song.  For example, during the energetic parts of the song, the camera switched angles very quickly, but when the song slows down after the second chorus, the camera also slows down and slowly zooms in and out, without the jerky movements it did during the chorus.  This was a very good way to incorporate every moment of the video together.

While everything looked really good, nothing seemed new.  I feel like I’ve seen both backgrounds before in other music videos.  Without a story to add some uniqueness to the video, the video was very generic with little to distinguish NTrain from other K-pop groups.

I also am not a fan of the technique of strapping the camera to the member’s waists.  It’s too jerky to look nice in a video.

Score: 3.5/5


Overall, I really liked the wardrobe of this video.  The outfits in the first dancing scene made each member look really good.  I loved the black and white concept and the slimming black jackets.  They gave the members a sense of coolness as well as youthfulness.  I especially loved Sang Woo’s jacket in the second dancing scene.  It wasn’t sleek leather like the other jackets, but was still very stylish.    The hairstyles in this video were also exceptionally good. It is rare that I like every single member’s hairstyle in a music video, but this stylist did it for me.

As usual, I do have some complaints.  I am not a fan of the long sports jerseys that Jung Kyun was wearing.  I also think the outfits in the individual scenes were not nearly as stylish as the outfits in the dancing scenes.  A couple of the members had skinny jeans that were way too tight to look good.  Also, Soul J wearing no shirt was totally unnecessary.  While a lot of people criticize girls for showing too much skin, the same criticisms can be said for a boy who randomly shows off his body for absolutely no other purpose than to show off.  There was no reason for only him to have no shirt and only makes him (or whoever styled him) appear desperate for attention.

Score: 4/5


The dance to this video was incredibly entertaining.  It was very energetic to match the feel of the song and the members of NTrain really looked like they knew what they were doing with the dance.  The different hand motions were really cool and eye-catching.  While the main dance of hand-rubbing had nothing to do with the lyrics (translated as “Come back to me”) it was still entertaining.  There were also plenty of other parts of the dance that reflected the idea of calling someone back.  I also absolutely loved the dance break.  Every motion matched the beat of the song and the triangle formation of the members made the dance very visually stimulating.  While the sheer number of different hand motions did become a bit overdone, it didn’t at all hinder my enjoyment of watching the dance.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I loved this video.  The song is simply amazing and the clear highlight the video, although the dance itself was very much worth watching.  All aspects of the video were pretty well-done.  If they had only added something more unique to the different scenes, the video would have been near perfect.

Overall Final Score: 4.2/5

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