BTOB “2nd Confession” Music Video Review

Definitely a new image for them!


This was a very pleasant song to listen to and very fitting for the spring season.  The light melody also added to the overall theme of being in love and confessing this love.  The light raps were very fun yet still sounded like legitimate raps.  I especially loved Minhyuk’s first rap.  It followed a hard rhythm as most raps do, but the way Minhyuk fluctuated his voice gave the rap a singsong feel.  In general, the song was composed very well.  It distributed the lines very effectively amongst the seven members of BTOB where each member has significant enough time to add their own style to the song while still staying true to the style of the song as a whole.

The single point where I felt the composition fell apart was in the rap sequence right after the second chorus.  I really liked Minhyuk’s and Peniel’s raps, but I found Hyunsik’s “Doodada” line and the record scratching to be completely out of nowhere and not cohesive with the rest of the song.  It was as if the composer ran out of ideas and just had Hyunsik mumble the first syllables that came to mind and then to make it sound “cooler” added the record scratching.  I honestly think that entire portion could have been omitted and the song would not have suffered.  I also generally don’t like talking at the beginning of a song.  It has no melody or rhythm and interferes with the song in my opinion.

Score: 4/5


This video had a fairly simplestory, but was executed in a very clever way.  It followed an envelope written by radio DJ Minhyuk as it travels through BTOB’s little town to the house of the girl Minhyuk is confessing to.  At the beginning of the video, DJ Minhyuk plays BTOB’s “2nd Confession” on the radio, the lyrics to which I’m assuming are the words in his letter.  So as we watch Minhyuk’s letter is making its journey  to the girl, we hear on the radio the words inside the letter.  This story-within-a-story was a very clever concept to go with.  It was also clever to see how the letter goes from the radio station to the girl’s house.  By the end of the video, we see BTOB, who also play at characters in this video, having a mini jam-session in their room while as the letter finally arrives at the girl’s house, indicating that their work is done and it is now up to the girl to read the letter.  It was simple but very clever and sweet.  I docked a point because it would have been nice to see more of a transition from day to night than what was shown in the video.

Score: 4/5


As was the story, the cinematography was very clever in this video.  I love when videos include the individual members singing the song in the story.  This video reminded me a lot of Super Junior’s “It’s You” in that it follows one story while included every member in the group.  It gave the video cohesiveness and made it enjoyable to see where the letter will go next.  I also like that by the time the letter reaches the girl, it is nighttime.  This reflected the progression of time and gave the story a little more depth.  It would have been nice, though, if we could have seen a portion of the video at sunset or twilight instead of going straight from day to night.  Overall, however, the cinematography added a lot to the video.

Score: 4.5/5


The wardrobe was very ordinary and typical of springtime wear, yet was also very fashionable.  My favorite outfit was Changsub’s during the daytime scenes.  The combination of colors with the bright blue hat was incredibly stylish.  I also liked Peniel’s nighttime outfit.  The blue and white shirt with the tie was a perfect mix of formal and informal.  All of the outfits had a formality to them but still looked comfortable and made the members of BTOB more relatable.  They had the same level of style and comfort but were different enough to reflect each member’s individual tastes.

However, like most K-pop music videos, there were a couple outfits that made me cringe.  When Ilhoon is crossing the street in the daytime scene, his polka dot pants took away from any style he was trying to pull off.  They looked childish and inappropriate compared to Eunkwang and Minhyuk’s classy suits and sweaters.  I also thought Peniel’s sweater was more on the casual, homey side and could have been a little more formal.  The majority of the wardrobe, though, was really good.

Score: 4/5


There was very little that saved me from really disliking this dance.  With a slower, lighter song like this, it is hard to come up with an entertaining dance that doesn’t look childish, but I have seen it done so it is possible, however BTOB could not accomplish it with this dance.  The beginning started out very strong during the first two raps, but as soon as the singing started BTOB fell into slow, simple hand movements that I found pretty boring.  A lot of the movements were repeated multiple times during the song, and there wasn’t much to look forward to.  If they had at least switched positions more, the dance would have been more dynamic, but for the entire chorus, they stayed in a single spot and moved their hands around.  The end moments of each chorus were cute, but I would have appreciated them much more if the moves around them were more interesting.

 Score: 3/5

Overall, this was not at all my type of song or video, but BTOB pulled it off really well for the most part.  Definitely not my favorite from them though.

Overall Final Score: 4/5

Question of the Day:

How do you think BTOB coped with this brighter image?


One thought on “BTOB “2nd Confession” Music Video Review

  1. do you know what the name of building/street when they dance together???? that’s location so familiar, many kpop mv often have shooting there.


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