Lee Hi “Rose” Music Video Review

One of the most beautiful videos ever.


Overall, I liked this song, although there are some specific things that I did not like.  Her voice was beautiful as usual and her English was flawless, but during the slower parts of the song, her voice went from sounding dramatic to sounding bored.  During the long verses, partway through she lost the melody in her voice and it became very dry.  I understand that it is supposed to be a bittersweet song, but sometimes the bitterness became too much.

My favorite part of the song was the repetition of the line “Every rose has its thorns.”  She repeated it three times, and with each repetition the line became more and more dramatic.  It sounded as though she was trying to remind herself that everything sweet has a bitterness, which made the regretful feeling of the song much more vivid and personal.

I liked the drama and regret of the song, but I wish it could have picked up its beat somewhere in the song.  In the second repetition in each chorus, the procession increases in volume and speed, and I was expecting some kind of epic instrumental piece to follow, but it never came and I found myself slightly let down at the end of each chorus.

Score: 3.5/5


The cinematography of this video was absolutely beautiful.  While there was no actual story, the different images used completely made up for it.  Most of the scenes involved Lee Hi surrounded by flowers, people, or words.  The sets portrayed her as a flower, yet the use of red and blood showed that there is pain through her innocence.

I was so impressed with the cinematography of this video that I wrote an entire blog post about it!  Click here to see my full analysis of the cinematography.

Score: 5/5


The wardrobe went along with the cinematography in portraying Lee Hi’s character as a rose.  She wore white dresses, symbolizing the pure beauty of a flower, as well as dresses with actual flowers on them.  In a couple of the scenes, Lee Hi herself is incorporated in the background which very effectively connects her own body to the message being given about her harmful love.  While symbolic, I also found the dresses to look beautiful on her.  She chose a theme that makes it very easy to include pretty and elegant dresses.

Score: 5/5


While there was no actual dance in the official music video, I feel the dance version is worth talking about.  I was very happily surprised at the dance that accompanied this song.  It is hard to create an entertaining dance for a slower song like this, and based off of Lee Hi’s videos I don’t suspect that she is a dancer herself, yet the use of backup dancers and simple moves coordinated together made for an amazing dance.  The backup dancers acted as an extension of Lee Hi and the words she was singing.  They followed the rose concept, appearing like plants in the beginning and forming circles around both Lee Hi and the boy dancer.  I liked how in the beginning each dancer was doing her own movement, and with the picking up of the beat, all of the different movements suddenly became the same movement.

With the entrance of the boy, I was afraid the dance would start to lose its interpretive nature and slip into the typical boy caressing the girl and girl pushing him away, yet even he followed the flower concept.  His movements were delicate like a flower and even followed a story of a boy falling in love with a girl and then dying because of her at the end.

Even though I loved the dance, I’m glad it wasn’t in the main video.  The music video was meant to show through imagery the concept of an innocent, yet inwardly harmful girl while the dance showed it through movement.  They work very well as two separate videos (In fact, I think adding the dance would have taken away from the tragic character of Lee Hi in the main video).

Score: 5/5

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with this video.  While I have some complaints about the song, the imagery made the song well worth listening to.

Overall Final Score: 4.5/5

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite scene in this video?


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