Offroad “Headbanging” Music Video Review


I was very happy with this song.  This song sounded very much like Block B, which is a sound I love.  It had somewhat of a grimy feel which gave the song an enjoyable edge.  I really liked how Zico had his shout out in the introduction of the song. That got me excited for the song and prepared me immediately for the sound.  I loved the mix of pop and hip hop in this song.  The chorus had its own rhythm that I wasn’t used to, but found myself singing along to by the end of the song.  The odd beat of the hook “headbanging” threw me off towards the end of the song and seemed slightly out of beat, but the fault was so subtle that it didn’t interfere with my enjoying the song.

I think this song will really appeal to Block B fans because of Zico’s involvement as well as the similar sound.

Score: 4.5/5


The story of this video was very simple, and too much so in my opinion.  After emerging from their tents in the morning, the members of Offroad drive around, take part in fun activities, and then go back to their arctic homes.  My best guess is that this video captured what Offroad is trying to portray as a typical day in their lives, but even that wasn’t clear.  What was the connection between their arctic tents and the world in which they were enjoying themselves?  Until the very end of the video, I had no idea why I was watching them swimming and sky diving, and even when they go back home after their fun day I still don’t know why it happened or how it got there.  I wish the producers could have connected the dots a little more and made the video more worth watching.

Score: 2.5/5


The cinematography didn’t help with my trying to understand the story at all.  During the scenes of the boys going on their adventures, the camera angles were so skewed and rarely showed the actual faces and bodies of the Offroad members clearly.  During some parts, it seemed like the members themselves were holding the camera as they were doing their different things, which may have been fun for them but is frustrating for a viewer trying to understand what is going on.  Anyone watching this video would want to either see clearly what they are doing or at least be able to see their faces, but I found myself unable to do either.  It wasn’t even consistently from the same angle.  There were many different angles which made it a lot harder to follow what was going on.  If all of the camera shots were from the member’s perspective, then it would be as though the viewer is experiencing the fun they are having, but even from there the camera angles shifted.  The cameraman didn’t seem to know half the time where he was or what he should have been filming.  This made it very hard for me to enjoy the video.  I also would have liked to see some of the dance in the main music video.  There was a clear dance break in the song, yet the video just showed images of walls and nature.

The only redeeming aspect of the cinematography was the cool shots of the members singing the song.  Those alleyway scenes at least reflected the grimy feeling of the song.

Score: 1.5/5


I found absolutely no faults with this video’s wardrobe.  The members of Offroad wore clothes characteristic of hip-hop artists which fit the sound of the song.  In the scenes of them driving and skydiving, their clothes went along with the characters of teenage/young adult boys free of care and enjoying themselves.  They were fashionable as well as matched the different scenes they were in.

Score: 5/5


Starting out, I was really liking the dance and how the members did different moves to make one nice unit, but my impression of them very quickly went down once the chorus started.  The two main dances in the chorus were extremely dull and required very little actual dancing skill.  They just moved from side to side and then waved their fingers in a circle.  After that first chorus, the rest of the dance that followed didn’t have very many particularly interesting bits and was not entertaining.  There were too many pauses between dance moves and the dance moves themselves were unimpressive.  Also, there was not a single moment of headbanging, contrary to what the title of the song would suggest.  I would have much rather scene headbanging (like from JJ Project’s “Bounce) instead of the lazy sweeping from side to side.

Score: 3/5

Overall, I loved the song but was incredibly disappointed with the video.  The song gave them the perfect elements for a good dance, yet the dance was dull.  The locations where the video was shot gave them many opportunities for a good story, yet they chose an extremely simple story.  They had the potential to make a really good video, yet failed to do so.

Overall Final Score: 3.3/5

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