ZE:A-FIVE “The Day We Broke Up” Music Video Review


To be honest, I found this song to be quite messy.  At the beginning, with the shout “We’re back!” it seemed like the song was going to be fun and light-hearted, but then it very suddenly became slow and sad, and then slowly picked up again to the fun and happy beat.  Even within the chorus the lines didn’t seem to follow one melody.  I found the vocal notes to go down and up too quickly and severely.  Obviously I don’t know the lyrics, but just from the seemingly sad English title and the few English words throughout the song combined with the light beat seemed very contradictory and I just couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be a happy or sad song.  It had clear elements of both which were just confusing.

Score: 3/5


I found this story to be very confusing.  In some scenes, the boys of ZE:A seem to be having the time of their lives, yet in others they act very sad.  It was as though two different stories were happening at the same time.  The main story was of the boys going on a camping trip together where they hike through the forest and come across a beach filled with individual tents and items for having fun.  These scenes portrayed the boys enjoying each other’s company, going on fun adventures in the wilderness, and dancing on the beach without a care in the world.  Contrasting that, we saw shots of the individual members scattered around the forest singing the song, but looking incredibly depressed and sad.  When one of the members (Dongjun if I’m correct; I haven’t fully learned all of their names yet) is sitting at his piano singing, he looks absolutely heartbroken.  The next person to sing is all alone on his boat seeming to sing about his regrets.

Also, the scenes of the sad ZE:A members were not even constant throughout the whole video.  While the happy scenes were scattered throughout, the sad scenes were only in the first half of the video, which didn’t seem consistent.  Overall, I was very confused by the two dramatically different emotions being portrayed in the same video.  There were no transitions from happy to sad and there seemed to be no relation between the two types of scenes.

Score: 3/5


The cinematography of this video was all over the place.  Going along with what I said about the story, the shots of the individual sad individual members completely contradicted the fun camping adventures in the forest.  The individual shots alone looked strange to me.  The actual locations of these shots seemed very inappropriate.  In one scene, one of the members is playing a piano in a dead-looking field.  In the next scene, a member is sitting in a boat with bunches of hay, a typewriter, and a lantern, but the boat doesn’t even appear to be in the water.  One of the most bizarre scenes for me was of the blonde rapper sitting in an armchair surrounded by piles of hardcover books…on a beach.  He looked like he should be in a library or in front of a fireplace yet he is outside on an empty beach.  I’m not sure what the goal was to mix such different scenes and it didn’t make any sense in my mind.

I did however really enjoy the fact that they were dancing on a beach in front of their campsite.  It incorporated the dance into the story very cleverly.  Just the fact that they are dancing on a beach reflects the merriment of their camping trip from the happy story.

Score: 2/5


I was not particularly impressed with the wardrobe, but there were only a couple things that I really didn’t like.  In general, I thought the sweaters looked good and reinforced the idea of a laid back camping trip.  My complaint about that set of outfits is that while most of the members were wearing sweaters, there was one member who was wearing a button-down shirt.  Usually when there are contrasting outfits in the same scene, there are at least a couple members who wear the contrasting outfit, but in this scene only one member was not wearing a sweater which made him disconnected from the rest of the group.  Also, while I liked how the black nighttime outfits looked, it didn’t at all fit the overall sound of the song and fun feeling of the video.  They looked like singers from the big city, yet they were dancing on a beach in front of their makeshift homes in the wilderness.  While the outfits looked good, they were inappropriate for this type of video.

Score: 3/5


Unlike the rest of the video, I loved the dance!  A lot of the choreography involved one move rippling across the line of dancers which looked really good.  I liked how smoothly the members switched positions and how there was always movement fitting perfectly with the beat of the song.  This dance was very smooth, and worked well as a group dance.  For a lot of the dance, we didn’t see each member doing the exact same move, which looked really nice as a whole.

My only complaint is that towards the end, the coordination between each member was kind of lost, partially due to the fact that they were suddenly constantly switching positions.  It made the last third of the dance seem a bit messy and unorganized.  As a whole however I really liked it.

I am a bit disappointed that a lot of the really good moments of the choreography didn’t make it to the final music video, but this score comes strictly from watching the dance version of the music video.

 Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I found this video to be just okay.  It was neither really good nor really bad.  Aside from the incredible dance, all of the components of the video seemed either contradictory or just unimpressive.  While I didn’t completely hate it, there wasn’t anything to make me want to watch this video again.

Overall Final Score: 3/5

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