Davichi “Just the Two of Us” Music Video Review

Davichi has never really been on my radar, but this video definitely changed that!


Let me start by saying that the girls of Davichi have some beautiful voices!  I get chills as they hit the super high notes about two thirds of the way through the song.  Their voices were smooth and steady throughout the song and sounded very nice together.

That being said, I didn’t really like the actual song itself.  The speed of the lyrics was generally unchanging throughout the song which made it pretty boring for me.  The chorus and the verses sounded very similar, so it all sounded like one long string of pretty lines without a dynamic rhythm or pattern for me to follow.  I also didn’t like that the instruments were so much quieter than the singers’ voices.  I understand that in a ballad it is the person’s voice that it the focus and not the instruments, but the blending of the instruments and vocals could have made the song so much more powerful yet the instruments were too quiet to go along with the voices.

Score: 3/5

Video – Story

The story of this video was nothing short of poetic.  It begins with a girl sitting in a restaurant, drinking and crying out of heartbreak.  Through flashbacks we learn that she and her boyfriend spent much time together enjoying each other’s company in that same restaurant, broke up in that same restaurant, and carved a special message together at their special table.  While remembering the past, in the present the girl drinks by herself, the vivid reality of being alone finally hitting her.  She pours drinks for both herself and her boyfriend who is no longer there.  We the audience begin not knowing anything about this girl besides the apparent fact that she is sad about something.  Through the flashbacks we learn more and more about the relationship between her and her boyfriend and finally with the last flashback of the boyfriend finishing the table carving, learn about the current heartbreaking state of the relationship and the toll is takes on both the girlfriend and the boyfriend.  Each successive development of the story increased my interest as well as intensified my sympathy for the couple.  Their acting was superb in reflecting the true sadness of the situation and I felt myself connecting more and more to the story with each flashback.  The development of the story was perfect.

Score: 5/5

Video – Cinematography

Part of the reason why I loved the story so much was the use of flashbacks throughout the video.  They very clearly reflected the different emotions involved in each scene through the lighting and colors.  In the current scene of the girl alone, everything is dark and dreary, yet during the happy scenes of the couple having fun together, the scene is much brighter and more colorful.  Even in the scene where the boy dumps her, the scene has almost a sepia tone, indicating the transition between light and dark.  In addition to the acting, simply the colors used allowed non-Korean speakers to understand that this scene symbolizes the big turn in the couple’s relationship.

Not only the colors, but the timings of each flashback were very appropriate and effective in maintaining my interest.  They were very evenly spread out during the video.  There weren’t too many or too few and each one served a purpose in developing the story even more.

The single complaint I have on the cinematography is the actual words of the table carving.  I liked how they were messy and completely uneven, adding to the video’s believability, but I don’t think those were the best words to use and a secret couple message.  “Be with you” doesn’t really mean anything.  If it had sad “Be with you always” or “I want to be with you” or even “Be with me,” then it would be a different story, but just those three words out of all words in the English dictionary seemed rather strange to use.

Score: 4.5/5


In general, I like the wardrobe of this video.  There were only six outfits to look at, one for each moment in time, and they were all very normal and appropriate for the scene.  Like the appearance of the actual scenes, the colors of the outfits reflected the feeling of the video.  In the happy scenes, both boy and girl are wearing white, in the sad scenes they are wearing black and in the breakup scene they are wearing brown.

I do have a couple complaints however.  In the happy scene, I personally didn’t like the boy’s pants (although they could be appropriate since they are multicolored and he seems to have an outgoing “colorful” personality).  I also didn’t like the girl’s nails at all.  Normally I don’t comment on nail polish because it’s such a small part of the wardrobe and rarely seen on camera, but so much of this video was focused on her hands and I couldn’t ignore the nail design.  I never liked the style of having a different design on each nail and they didn’t add to her appearance at all.

Score: 4/5

Overall, I was very happy with this video.  While I didn’t like the song very much, the story was done very well and portrayed the emotion of heartbreak and regret incredibly vividly.  This is one of the best uses of flashbacks in a music video I have ever seen.

Overall Final Score: 4/5

Question of the Day:

What did you think of Davichi’s comeback?


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