Girl’s Day “Expectation” Music Video Review

One of those classic K-pop girls group comebacks where I love the song and…could go without the dance. Read my thoughts below!


This song had all of the elements of a good dance song.  The electronic music in the beginning prepared the listener for the upbeat song that followed.  I loved the parts leading up to each chorus, especially the final line before each chorus.  The repetition of that last line in different speeds and pitches was a nice touch and the final robotic version of the line gave the song the edge it needed to stand out.  The girls of Girl’s Day put drama and emotion into the lyrics while still keeping it fun to listen to.

The only thing keeping this song from being absolutely amazing is that the instruments of the song didn’t change much during the song.  For the most part, it was entertaining, but by the end it was beginning to just blend into noise rather than a distinct tune.

Score: 4/5

Video – Story

The story of this video was fairly simple.  A couple is living their happy life, but then the girl reads texts on the boy’s phone, presumably from another girl, which make her upset.  She then looks longingly at a picture the two took during their happy times and reminisces.  The video ends with her deliberately tossing her ring into his drink, putting an end to their relationship.

Now I don’t understand Korean, so I don’t know exactly what the words were on the text that seemed to change their entire relationship, but even without the knowledge of the actual words, this video was still somewhat difficult to keep up with.  The plot went by way too fast.  As soon as I was figuring out what had happened in the scene I just watched, something else was happening right before my eyes.  Their relationship goes from happy to sad in literally just a couple minutes (and this is their story world’s time.  It would be just a few seconds of our real time).  There were really long gaps between each story scene, thus not enough of the story was told to really be cohesive.  If the producers had just added at least 30 more seconds to the story, it would have been a huge improvement.

Score: 3/5

Video – Cinematography

The appearance of this video was good, although not great.  During the story scenes, sometimes they were bright and happy while other times they were dull and dreary, and both happy and sad moments occurred in each setting, not coordinating with the lighting at all.  The girl has both her happy moments and heart-breaking moments in the same dark room and the melancholy flashback as well as the defiant ending breakup scene occur in the bright outside set.  There was deliberate contrast in the color of these two scenes, but they conflicted with the actual feeling of the story.

The dance scenes, on the other hand, looked very good.  The neon lights went along with the electronic beat of the song very appropriately and added to the general energy of the song and dance.  It didn’t exactly look that expensive to produce, but for what it was worth it was good.

Score: 3/5


As what seems to happen with the majority of K-pop music videos, I really liked some of the outfits as well as really disliked some of the outfits.  Let’s start with the good: I really liked the black outfits during the dancing scene.  It looked like the outfits were decorated with ammunition rounds which was unique as well as reflected their girl power against the heartbreaker of the video.  They looked good on the girls and were very stylish.

The bad: I didn’t like the main red suspenders outfits.  Shirts that reveal the midriff coupled with suspenders just looks weird in my opinion.  That as well as the mesh shirts over black bras that the backup dancers were wearing unnecessarily showed too much skin.  Those suspenders were only there for the dance move of slipping them off which isn’t worth it to wear throughout the entire video.  They could have come up with a more clever way to incorporate the wardrobe with the dance without looking so odd.

Score: 3/5


Sadly, I was not impressed with this dance at all.  Starting off with the single move of shaking their butt against the camera did not make me enthusiastic to see the rest of the dance.  That main dance, while looked like an actual dance move with the suspenders, looked silly in the black scenes without the suspenders.  Most of the choreography just consisted of butt shaking, waving their hands back and forth, opening and closing their legs, and suggestively rubbing themselves.  None of these moves require much actual dance skill and didn’t make me interested to see more.

These dances in my opinion don’t make the dancers look confident; they make them look desperate for attention.  The rhythm of the movements fit the beat of the song, but I wouldn’t call it an entertaining dance, at least not for heterosexual females like myself.

Score: 2/5

Overall, I loved the song, but found the rest of the video to be less than satisfactory.  As far as girl group go however, this is one of the less disappointing videos out there.  Overall though, it was disappointing.

Overall Final Score: 3/5

Question of the Day:

What did YOU think of the plot? Am I being too critical?


What are your thoughts?

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