U-KISS “Standing Still” Music Video Review



I absolutely loved this song.  I was especially impressed with the instrumental; it used sounds not common in K-pop songs, but it sounded amazing, particularly the parts right after each chorus.  As for the vocals, there wasn’t a single dull moment for me.  I loved Hoon’s and Kiseop’s “Kerosene” lines before each chorus.  They very appropriately got me excited and ready for the highlight of the song.  The actual chorus was more than I could have asked for.  Their English was beautiful (Soohyun’s pronunciation was particularly impressive considering he isn’t even fluent in English).  U-KISS really displayed their talent of effectively using English in this song.  My favorite part of the song was at the very end when Kevin, Soohyun, and Hoon sing the chorus together.  Their harmonizing sounded amazing and made for a very dramatic ending.

As for the rapping, I as an English-speaking listener loved Eli’s rap.  I was shocked to hear the entire thing in English, but loved it nonetheless.  Also, AJ’s sing-rapping was a very nice touch to wrap up the rap.

Score: 5/5


The cinematography, though simple, was very well done.  Aside from the dance scenes, the main other scene was a girl staring at the camera.  It’s not out of the ordinary for a boy group to have clips of an attractive girl not really doing anything in their video, and usually these clips don’t serve much purpose, but I actually found this very appropriate for the theme of the song.  They sing about a girl who is standing still, and this girl is literally standing still for the entire video.  Later, when she is covered in water and displaying her beautiful green eyes, her beauty radiates, but since she isn’t moving, U-KISS is forced to only watch her from afar without being able to get close to her.  The use of fences in this video reflects the same idea that there is a wall between U-KISS and the girl.  The image of the rose burning goes along with the lyrics “I’m burning down” and even the lighting of the video reflected the theme of seeing only glimpses of this girl’s beauty.  The girl refuses to move in their relationship, so U-KISS can only burn in their desire to get closer to this her. Symbols of an attractive girl looking at the camera or a rose burning are not new to K-pop, but this seems to be one of the first videos that uses these symbols very appropriately.

Score: 4.5/5


This video’s wardrobe had some very good points, but also some that I didn’t like at all.  I loved all of the outfits during the individual scenes in front of the fence.  I never would have imagined U-KISS sporting the biker look, but I really liked it.  The outfits were unique with their odd accessories, which was much more interesting in comparison to the plain black outfits in the second dancing scene.  The black outfits, while neither particularly good nor bad, were pretty dull in my opinion.  Also, because that scene was in a darker room, we couldn’t see any of the details on the outfits, which was pretty disappointing.

The main dancing scene also had some good outfits and some bad outfits.  There were multiple colors, patterns, and styles that didn’t go together.  I liked Hoon’s and Soohyun’s outfits, but none of the other ones.  Some of them looked too feminine to me, especially Kevin’s outfit.  It was something I could imagine myself or one my girl friends wearing.

Score: 3.5/5


I really liked the dance to this video.  It was very characteristic of U-KISS.  The shuffle move during the chorus reminded me of their Doradora dance which I loved then and still love.  It looks very good with the number of members in the group.  I also liked how when they were saying the words “You keep on standing still”, they looked as though they were moving in slow motion.  I love when the dance reflects the lyrics in the song.  They also did this when they say “I’m burning down” and pat themselves, like putting out a fire on their body.  All of the dances fit the beat of the song as well as the lyrics and was so enjoyable to watch.  I only wish there could have been more outside the actual chorus, especially during the rap, however, what they did have was executed perfectly.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I loved this video.  The song was amazing, as was the dance.  Even though the video itself was fairly simple, and without a story, all of the components fit together into the same theme and was very enjoyable.

Overall Final Score: 4.4/5

Question of the Day:

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