Lee Hi “It’s Over” Music Video Review

Honestly, I didn’t really like Lee Hi when she first debuted, but this video completely changed my opinion of her!


Shockingly, I really liked this song.  It was very slow and jazzy which normally I don’t like, but Lee Hi executed this style very well.  She is incredibly talented with her voice and this style of song suits her very well.  I think the reason why I liked the song so much is that she puts so much attitude and sarcasm in it that screamed everything that is “Girl Power.”  While it wasn’t fast and bubbly like Miss A’s “I Don’t Need a Man”, her taunting repetition of “deulli deulli” strongly got the point across that it’s over and she doesn’t need or even want a man anymore.  The slow, snide way Lee Hi fluctuates her voice really gives her power and it appealed to my inner feminist, carrying me happily throughout the song.

Score: 4/5


The story of this video was so fun and just hilarious.  I was literally smiling and laughing out loud the entire time watching it.  While on the surface it just seems like silliness, there is actually a concrete and meaningful story behind the video.  It follows Lee Hi as she tells her boyfriend, the G-Dragon Bear, that their relationship is over.  Throughout the video we see the GD Bear living his life of swag and haughtiness.  He walks around showing off what a great life he has by reading his own magazines, riding his super cool unicorn motorcycle, surrounding himself with other “female” teddy bears, and reading his own magazines.  The video also shows how badly he treats Lee Hi.  In the very beginning, he is holding her and carelessly drops her, and later we see that he controls her like a puppet.  Throughout the video he dances around her as if she isn’t even there, and instead of spending time with her, he is busy with his backup dancers dancing to One of a Kind.  Meanwhile, we see scenes of Lee Hi terrorizing the teddy bear version of the GD Bear, sending him away on a rocket ship, rolling bowling balls at him, and eating blue gummy bears which are supposed to represent him. While very simple, it portrayed a powerful theme of female independence and intolerance to an inadequate partner.

Score: 4/5


The cinematography was great in this video.  I absolutely loved the parallels between the GD Bear’s bad attitude and Lee Hi’s revenge on him.  Just the fact that they used a bear instead of an actual person or even G-Dragon himself made the story much more relatable to other girls.  Using both the live bear and the blue teddy bear to represent G-Dragon, or the “bad boyfriend” and the pink teddy bear and Lee Hi was very creative and added a poetic element to the video, which is considerably difficult to do with such a silly, light-hearted video.  Also, the childish nature of the video toned down the seriousness of the story without taking away from the actual story, which made it more entertaining.  The simple while background during the whole video allowed me to focus on what was actually going on and made the actual subjects stand out more.

While those aspects of the cinematography were exceptionally well-done, I thought the producers overdid the whole candy theme.  I understand that the story takes place in an alternate teddy bear world, but the constant shots of candy and cereal almost gave me a stomachache.  If they had toned down the candy props a bit, the cinematography would have been much better as a whole.  

Score: 4.5/5


Like the cinematography, the wardrobe was fun and appropriate to the theme, but the childishness was too overdone.  Some of the dresses were cute and looked nice on Lee Hi, and I liked main outfit with the pink dress and bear-ear headband.  The candy and pony headbands though looked silly and way too childish for a teenager to be wearing.  Even if they are acting in a childish video, the song is mature, the actual story is not one for children, thus the outfits should be fun and colorful, but still decent and appropriate for Lee Hi’s age.

I did like that when she was beating up the GD Bear and drawing on his face, she was wearing outfits similar to his, showing that it’s her turn now to be tough and get her revenge on this guy who has been treating her terribly throughout their entire relationship.  I also loved her hair and makeup.  It made her look both young to fit the theme of the video and beautiful to match her successful career.

Score: 3.5/5


At first, I didn’t think there was a dance to this song, but after watching the video again, I did noticed some particularly choreographed moves.  Most of the dance was shown during the chorus and was incredibly simple, which explains why I didn’t notice it before.  The entire dance that was shown in this video was Lee Hi and the GD Bear waving their arms up and down, then away and towards the body during the chorus.  Now, I don’t expect every single K-pop singer to have amazing dance skills, but if they are going to add a dance to the song, they have to at least add more than two moves.  They could have not even had any dance at all and still have a great video.  I think adding such a simple dance actually took away from the enjoyment of the video.  Her moves looked more robotic than puppet-like and disappointed me when the dance didn’t carry throughout the song.  Even if Lee Hi herself can’t dance, the backup dancers that are clearly in the video could have done something besides swaying back and forth during the parts outside of the chorus.

After watching the dance practice of “It’s Over”, I actually liked the dance a lot and I really wish they included at least the backup dancer’s parts in the main music video.

Score: 2.5/5

Overall, this video was so funny and enjoyable, and it showed me a new side to Lee Hi that I really liked.  Congratulations YG on yet another well-done music video.

Overall Final Score: 4/5

Question of the Day:

Do you think the bear was really G-Dragon? Or was she possibly referring to someone else?


What are your thoughts?

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