Teen Top “Miss Right” Music Video Review

Yet another catchy song from Teen Top!


To put it simply, this song was so much fun.  I was immediately drawn to the song after hearing the “Lalalalalala” part in the very beginning and the vocals that followed did not disappoint at all.  The beat throughout was very catchy.  Something I noticed in particular is that every part of the song sounded very appropriate to the beat and overall melody of the song.  A lot of times when there is a hook like this song’s “Lalalalalala”, it stands alone and doesn’t follow the beat of the rest of the song; however, this was not the case for this song.  Every part had a purpose and contributed to create one really solid song.  I loved “Miss Right” and will definitely continue to listen to it.

Score: 5/5


While I was incredibly pleased with the song, the story was not as impressive.  First of all, the actual setting didn’t make sense to me at all.  Teen Top is in a school, but it turns out that the school is actually part of a prison, where the only inmates are the boys of Teen Top plus one girl – hardly realistic, but if they want some kind of fantasy prison, it’s their music video and they can do what they want.  I wish the actual plot of the story could have made up for the bizarre setting, but that as well was lacking.  The guys are in prison-school, and in walks a girl, Miss Right, who makes all of the members stop and stare.  She takes a seat and we can assume she is part of this strange prison-school. As the video goes on, we see each member individually doing prison/school things with the girl: trying to reach the keys that are conveniently left on the floor in front of their shared cell, painting the walls in one of the rooms of the prison…and dancing in the classroom?  That last example had me at the epitome of confused.  At the end of the video, everyone is suddenly back in one shared cell having a pillow fight.

While this video had elements of a romantic storyline, collectively the individual stories didn’t seem to have any direction.  In a couple of the scenes, Miss Right is enthusiastically working with her fellow prisoner, but in others she seems uninterested in her roommate’s romantic advances, and then at the end they are all one big happy prison family having a pillow fight.  Miss Right’s character wasn’t consistent throughout the story and the middle individual scenes didn’t have any impact on the end of the story.

I get what Teen Top was going for, but it was executed in the wrong way and left me confused.  I would like to point out though that I did enjoy their acting; I just wish they could have acted in a better thought-out story.

Score: 2.5/5


This video was so pretty and colorful.  I loved the two dancing scenes.  The lighter room coordinated so well with their outfits and I loved that all of the members’ names were written on the walls.  White with pops of color always wins me over and looks so good.  In other parts of the video, they dance in the same room, but the lights are dimmed and they are wearing darker colored clothes.  I liked how they kept the same room.  It made the video more cohesive, but was different enough to make the video interesting without completely changing the room.  There was another dancing room, but it looked liked part of the same warehouse in which members of Teen Top later work, so it still fit the setting of the video.  Even in the prison and classroom sets, while they are normally dismal settings, there was color everywhere to reflect that this is Teen Top’s own fantasy version of prison.  This video was so visually stimulating that it kept me interested throughout the entire video and I found myself never wanting to look away.

Score: 5/5


There was so much variety in this video’s wardrobe that I don’t even know where to begin.  The school outfits looked okay, but were not what one would find in a school, and definitely way too fancy for a prison-school.  However, it’s Teen Top’s fantasy prison, so I forgive that.  I couldn’t forgive, however, the overall wardrobe of the dancing scenes.  The problem with the outfits in the white dancing scene was that even thought they were colorful and matched the backgrounds; they weren’t outfits I would expect anyone to wear outside of a music video.  Some of the white outfits looked okay, but a couple of the colorful shirts underneath were too crazy.  My real problem was with the darker dancing outfits.  They were just outrageous.  As with the white outfits, the colorful portions of the outfits, though colorful and pleasing to the eye, were just ridiculous.  There were too many pieces of fabric hanging off of too many people and looked rather silly to me.

Score: 2.5/5


I liked the dance to this song.  A lot of it was good, skilled boy group dances, but there were a couple moves that were real highlights for me. My favorite move was at the beginning of the chorus, where Teen Top put their head in their hand and hop/skip across the room.  It reflects just how defeated boys are when confronted with their “Miss Right” by hanging their heads and running away.  I especially liked how in the very last chorus, instead of hopping to one side like the earlier portions of the video, they hop in a circle, furthering the wild feeling they feel.  I also liked the main move during the “lalalalalala” part when they wave their hands in the air.  It’s fun, and having it at the very beginning of the song really grabs attention; they are literally waving you over to watch their video.  Later, when we find out that they are singing about a girl, that same moves looks to me like drunkenness, which fits the theme of the song; acting drunk symbolizes how their Miss Right can make boys absolutely drunk with infatuation.

While the dance was fun and much related to the song, it didn’t amaze me.  Aside from the chorus, the dance was very generic and had me just waiting for the next chorus.  I also did not like the crotch-grabbing move during the chorus.  It was not subtle at all and too obnoxious for my liking.  They could have omitted that part of the choreography and still have had an entertaining dance.

Score: 4/5

Overall, this video made barely any sense, but was incredibly fun to watch.  The bright colors and catchy song distracted me from the weirdness of the story and wardrobe and I really enjoyed watching this video.

Overall Final Score: 3.8/5

Question of the Day:

Does anyone know what the purpose was of L.Joe putting his face on the Miss Right’s mask? Am I the only one thinking that was totally weird?


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