SHINee “Dream Girl” Music Video Review


Normally, I don’t listen to these types of songs, but nonetheless, it was a good song.  The beginning lines by Taemin and Key immediately drew me in and the funky, choppy switching of lines between members after the first chorus was very entertaining and fun.  While it was a fair song, I didn’t find anything really special in this song.  The chorus in particular I thought was very bland and just sounded like an updated version of Sherlock.  Overall, it was a good song, but there wasn’t anything that made me want to love it or give it a perfect score.

As a side note, I love how the song started out with Minho’s “SHINee’s back!” from Sherlock.  While it is a generic statement that could be said about any band, Minho’s particular way of whispering it has become SHINee’s tagline and was a great way to introduce their comeback song after the sensation that was Sherlock.  I always like when singers refer to their old songs and I hope SHINee continues to use it in their future songs.

Score: 4/5


While simple, I really liked the story of this video.  It shows SHINee bouncing off walls, falling in and out of bed, floating around trippy-looking rooms, and just going crazy.  This is meant to show how absolutely crazy a dream girl can make a boy feel.  It took the meaning of “dream girl” literally by having SHINee have these crazy dreams which I thought was very clever.  It was different from the typical video of a boy encountering a beautiful and staring at her throughout the entire video and was incredibly refreshing.  It was so much fun to see SHINee having their entire minds taken over by this girl (although that may be the inner manipulative girl in me talking).  It was creative, fun, and demonstrated the feeling of uncontrollable desire for a “dream girl.”

Score: 4/5


The cinematography was pretty good for this video.  I absolutely loved that we never saw the “Dream Girl’s” face.  When she is first shown, her eyes and nose are a window of flowers, symbolizing the flowery beauty of one’s dream girl.  Later, when she is shown running towards the camera, her face is very cleverly cut off.  If they had an actual actress portray the dream girl, it wouldn’t fit everyone’s taste because it is impossible to find a girl who everyone thinks is attractive.  Because they kept it anonymous, it left room for any boy to imagine their dream girl and connect with the video. I also liked how the camera was positioned in really odd angles to emphasize the craziness of SHINee’s dreams.  The zigzag, striped room coupled with the crazy angles made for one trippy scene that perfectly reflected the feel of the music video.  Also, the whole glitch effect added yet another layer of craziness to the video.

I feel that the main disco singing scene didn’t fit with the overall theme of the video.  It was creative, but totally not related to the feeling of the crazy dreams about the dream girl.

Score: 4.5/5


Three words: Oh My God.  This video had one of the strangest wardrobe pieces I have ever seen.  I’m sorry to say that from Jonghyun’s flowery skinny jeans to Minho’s rainbow striped shirt, I didn’t like any of it.  This video took mismatching of colors and patterns to the extreme.  Flower skinny jeans may look okay on girls (and possibly Key), but on Jonghyun, it just looked silly and inappropriate for his style, as did the cheetah print pants on Minho.

The outfits when the members of SHINee were sitting in front of the picture frame were just as ridiculous.  I’m not sure what type of pants Taemin was wearing, but to me it looked like a toga with graffiti all over it.  Minho had all sorts of patterns and colors that I felt all clashed with each other.  Key’s was the only outfit that seemed okay in those scenes.  Those particular outfits did emphasize how young and juvenile SHINee is, and more importantly how young and giddy their dream girl makes them feel, however the actual appearance of those outfits however was just unpleasant.

Don’t even get me started on Taemin’s outfit in the main dancing scene.

Score: 2/5


I have to say that I was disappointed in the dance as well.  It is well known that SHINee is a group of incredible dancers and has had really good luck in their choreographers in the past, however this particular dance didn’t reflect any of that.  I really felt like choosing to arrange the choreography around the microphone stands held them back.  All of their movements seemed so restricted because no matter what they did, they were forced to keep one or both of their hands on the stand.  The constant rolling of the stands on the ground made them seem heavy and difficult to work with.  It made the dance look awkward, which is something that should never happen in a dance video.

However, every time they abandoned the mic stands and burst out in free dance, I was elated.  Unfortunately, those beautiful moments of expressive dance were so short and had me pulling my hair out in frustration.  When Key broke out in his little shuffle in the middle, I was loving it, but then he went back to that damn mic stand and the moment of fun was over.  The chorus was the best part of the dance for me and was one of the only parts of the dance that didn’t involve the mic stands.

Score: 3/5

Overall, this wasn’t SHINee’s best video.  We all know how talented SHINee are and how very capable they are at making amazing videos, but this one was a step backwards.  Even though I was disappointed with this video, I’m confident that SHINee will come back again and go back to their impressive, talented selves.

Overall Final Score: 3.5/5


What do you think of the mic stand dance?


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