B.A.P “One Shot” Music Video Review

I could seriously go on and on about this storyline.


THANK YOU B.A.P. for sticking with the hardcore, warrior-like songs!  This type of song is what B.A.P. started with, and what fits them the best.  This song followed the same formula as their other songs: each verse started with raps by Bang Yongguk and Zelo, then Himchan and Jongup lead us up to a dramatic chorus sung by Daehyun and Youngjae.  I’m always so impressed with how B.A.P. divides the different lines among the members of the group.  The two rappers are incredibly talented and each has their own very unique style.  Beginning the song with a rap really prepares the listener for the epic song that will follow.  In the following lines, Himchan and Jongup complement each other very well by singing very similar lines but adding their own style to it, while Daehyun and Youngjae blow me away every time with adding beautiful vocals to such rap-heavy songs.

This particular song is definitely one of my favorites from B.A.P..  It had a dynamic beat and was incredibly catchy.  I especially liked Jongup’s parts leading up to each chorus.  My absolute favorite part was the “Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh” in the middle of the chorus.  It added a pop feel to the song without taking away from the desperate, dramatic cries of Daehyun.  The song was a perfect mix of heavy, dramatic raps and singing with moments of light pop that made this one catchy song. The addition of the violins and the dramatic choir in the background just made this song epic.

Score: 5/5


This video had one of the best and most well thought-out plots I’ve ever seen in a K-pop music video.  It follows B.A.P., a gang living in a run-down warehouse, trying to rescue their friend, Youngjae who is being held ransom by a rival group. B.A.P. are living their normal gang life when they receive a USB drive from the rivals.  All of the members of the group gather to watch it, and see the bad guys beating up Youngjae and demanding 10 million dollars.  The members get to work planning a robbery to get the money, and then carry out the robbery.  After the robbery, both mafia groups meet, but as the bad guys are handing Youngjae over, one of them shoots him and the whole scene turns into a shootout.  Everyone is killed and as the head bad guy attempts to leave with the money, Yongguk shoots him and they all die.

After the song ends, everything rewinds to the moment when Youngjae is being handed over back to B.A.P..  It turns out the shootout occurred in Yongguk’s head and didn’t actually happen.  The police rush in and it turns out Youngjae was working with the police the whole time.  He and the bad guys were all undercover cops trying to arrest B.A.P..  The video ends with Youngjae walking away and Yongguk watching him in disbelief as he is detained by the police officers.

I was incredibly impressed with the detail and thought put into this story.  I was always aware of what was going on, which rarely happens in K-pop videos with full plots.  For example, in the robbery scene, all  five members were given jobs that were realistically needed to complete the robbery successfully.  Yongguk was the lookout, Himchan caused a distraction, and Jongup, Zelo, and Daehyun took the money.  This video felt more like a movie than a music video but wasn’t excessively long like some of T-ara’s fifteen minute videos.  It included action, suspense, friendship, and each component was very well-developed.  Yongguk’s acting really made me sympathize with him and I nearly cried when Youngjae and the rest of Yongguk’s friends were killed.  I was completely engrossed with the storyline throughout the entire video only to be completely mind-blown at the end when Youngjae turns out to be an undercover cop.

From what I see, the music video reflected how B.A.P. and any bad-boy-characterized gangsters are always targeted by society.  The fact that Yongguk, who had the purest of intentions when carrying out his crime, was betrayed by the very friend he was trying to save reflects how some people never have anyone on their side.  Some people may appear “bad” or dangerous, but at their heart they are caring and have values, as exemplified by Yongguk.

The single moment that confused me was in the flashbacks at the very end of Youngjae joining the group.  He slipped something into Yongguk’s bag and after watching this video countless times, I can’t figure out what it was or what the purpose of that scene was.  If anyone knows what that is about, I’d love to be enlightened.  Besides that, the story was perfect and thoroughly entertaining.

Score: 4.9/5


The cinematography was also perfect in this video.  The scenes in B.A.P.’s house looked very realistic (or at least what I think is realistic) for a bunch of gangster friends living in their own makeshift house.  I liked that there were many different scenes, such as the entrance to the house, the “family room” of the house, the robbery scene, and the train station.  While initially I thought the dance scene in front of the airplanes didn’t fit the theme of the video, after thinking about it I realized that even that scene conveyed meaning.  It distinguished the characters of the B.A.P. the gangsters from B.A.P. the singers.  While the characters they played were lived in a ghetto with no means of getting money besides stealing, the actual singers live the high life with their own private jets and yachts.  Whether this is how they actually live or not, it put B.A.P. the singers in a high class light and makes clear that there is a distinction from them who are telling the story and their characters in the story.

I also thought the use of flashbacks in this video was done exceptionally well.  My heart ached for Yongguk when he was flashing back to both visions of Youngjae happy partying on the yacht and the beat up Youngjae held captive with the rival gang.  Even at the end when the clip of B.A.P.’s mascot bunny is shown, we assume the video is over and then are surprised to find the video rewind and introduce an alternate ending.  Finally, the scene of Youngjae walking away free while Yongguk is shoved to the ground watching him made the theme of betrayal so vivid and was the perfect finale.

Score: 5/5


The wardrobe was also well done in this video.  The outfits in the dancing scene reflect the powerful, fashionable singers that the members of B.A.P. are.  While the actual clothes were very clean cut and put together, the accessories, such as Yongguk’s unique earrings, reflected the unique, edgy personality that B.A.P. brings to K-pop.  Meanwhile, the outfits of the gangster B.A.P. members were very appropriate for their characters.  During the scenes at the house, they were wearing typical bad-boy tank tops, hats, and accessories.  I especially liked that Yongguk’s cross necklace was so prevelant in this video.  It added depth to his character and reflected that while he is part of a gang, he is one of the “good guys.”

I did have a couple concerns however.  During the robbery scenes, while they were wearing practical suits to carry out their crime, the matching masks seemed childish to me.  I understand that they want to wear masks to conceal their identities, but wearing matching skull masks reminded me of kids playing pirate ship, not the intimidating criminals they are aiming to represent.  Also, in the main dance scene in front of B.A.P.’s mascot, Jongup’s bright red pants and Daehyun’s red jacket were too colorful and flashy for such a serious video.

Wardrobe: 4.5/5


(Note: The following video is not the official dance version, but it’s undoubtedly the best cover out there.)

As always, B.A.P. impressed me with such an intense dance.  Their moves were so powerful and very precise in following the beat of the song.  I was impressed with how the moves of the dance fit the theme of the song.  During Himchan’s part before the second chorus, as he says “One Shot”, the rest of the members and the backup dancers surround him pointing imaginary guns at him.  The crawling on the ground move also reflects dodging a bullet and struggling in a battle.  As I said in my reaction video, I am again and again impressed with B.A.P.’s willingness to get down and dirty (in the literal sense) to produce an incredibly passionate dance to fit their intense and passionate songs.

While most of the dance blew me away, I found the air humps during Himchan’s first part to be totally unnecessary.  B.A.P.’s dance skills are far beyond the desperate crotch-thrusting moves so many boy groups seem to be obsessed with these days.

Score: 4.9/5

Overall, this video was everything I had hoped for and more.  It was an amazing song with an amazing story and dance.  The twist just made it so much better.  B.A.P. really impressed with this video, and while there were minor things that kept them from a perfect video, I really feel this is as perfect as it can get.  So far, this is my favorite music video of the year.  Incredible job, B.A.P.!

Overall Final Score: 4.9/5

Question of the Day:

What was your favorite moment in this video? There are really so many great moments to choose from!


25 thoughts on “B.A.P “One Shot” Music Video Review

  1. Hi, at first i also don’t understand what the thing Yongjae was putting inside the shirt pocket… but after watching it several times. I analyzed it to be a spying device, something that can listen to other people’s convo or something like that. He put it into Yongguk’s pocket to spy on him.. thats what i think =)


  2. It could also be a tracking device because the cops showed up at that exact location if Youngjae didn’t plant the device in the first place.


  3. The thing that Youngjae put in Yongguk’s bag was something like a wire, so the police could not only track the man’s movements but also record everything he said to his gang (the gang more than likely did less-than-legal things in their time together, considering they’re a gang), including the plans to rob the truck. The little “bug” he placed in there was how he got enough evidence to get them arrested.


  4. Doesn’t it mean that even though Yongguk saw Youngjae doing something suspicious,he still trusted and believed him??


    1. I think he was suspicious at first (like anyone would be when a new person joins the group), but I’m sure Youngjae later proved himself to be trustworthy. Based on how determined Yongguk was to save Youngjae and how confused he was when Youngjae double-crossed them, Yongguk definitely trusted him.


  5. I actually had tears in my eyes when Youngjae got shot and when everyone else started dying I almost cried but when Himchan got shot, it was like the flood gates just opened. Then when it rewinded I wanted to punch Youngjae in the face. I now cry when the song comes on.


  6. My favorite part of the music video was when B.A.P is planning on how to get Youngjae from the bad guys. I like how they act to be serious but at the same time looks cute for me. I think the thing that Youngjae slipped into Yongguk’s bag was a tracker so that Police officers can track Yongguk and whatever his doing to prove that he is a criminal. And I also think the bad guys at the rewind are also framed up by Youngjae. They also ended up being caught by other police. So it all turns out that Youngjae was the over all traitor of the story. And I also love it that even though they are a gang. They are luxurious and can have good time. Like what you said in Yongguk’s flashback, that Youngjae is partying. They look happy not until Youngjae is kidnapped. They wouldn’t do that robbery if it was a small ransom I think. And lastly, I think in the wardrobe part of you review. Wearing red is okay. It’s not that light and colorful though. And I think it symbolizes blood and One Shot’s color theme also involves the color red. And the mask, I think it’s not childish, I think it symbolizes somewhat like Matoki, and in that mask conveys a very deep emotion. Overall I would rate B.A.P’s One Shot 5/5. But thank you for clearing out some things to me and also thank you for your opinion.


  7. LOL and I also giggled on their acting skills because sometimes when the emotion is over-bursting, like on the train when Youngjae is shot, Daehyun’s emotions was like he’s going to laugh. I don’t if I’m the only one who thinks about that.


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  9. Please anyone explain the scene when Zelo and Yongguk strolling around the cities and take some pics. I think that scene is a bit ‘random’.


    1. They were scoping out the place where the robbery would happen, taking pictures to plan out camera angles, escape routes and the like.


    1. It’s because no matter what, BAP were gang that did bad things. According to them, the partying yacht scene was to showcase the members spending their luxuries that they earned through illegal means. Also, they robbed the bank (although that was after the kidnapping).


  10. Thank you very much for this! there´s just one thing I´m wondering: at the end youngdae is shaking hands with the enemies leader, but everyone else has his hands up just like b.a.p.. Could it be that only youngdae and the enemy leader were undercover cops, the rest of the gang wasn´t? correct me if I´m wrong…


    1. no I think it’s a double cross. Youngdae likely proposed to the enemy gang that he want to join them and use himself as bait to arrange the kidnapping as a means to get money for them, therefore showing his loyalty. It’s actually a plan to take down two gangs at once.


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