BoA “Disturbance” Music Video Review

This video is an S.M. gem.

“Let time go by” Alternate Ending #1

“Go back to the past” Alternate Ending #2


There isn’t really much to say about this song.  BoA sang it beautifully, as usual, and it had a nice melody.  I found the instrumental sound of it to be very unique.  The beginning sounds like some sort of digital piano, although I can’t exactly place what it is.  Nonetheless, it was delicate, nice, and youthful.

While it was nice to listen to, I couldn’t find anything that really stood out.  I didn’t really have a favorite part of the song, nor was there anything special to keep me listening.  The chorus sounded very similar to the rest of the verses and didn’t offer anything to look forward to with each repetition.

It wasn’t a bad song, but it didn’t grab my attention at all or make me want to listen to it again.

Score: 3.5/5


The real highlight of this video was the story.  The video follows Shinee’s Taemin as he struggles with his lost relationship with BoA.  The main plot is him in his house reminiscing about the couple’s past relationship and being torn up inside with regret.  Throughout the video we see flashbacks of both a happier time for the couple as well as when things started to go south.  As Taemin remembers the good times of hanging out and taking funny pictures on a bridge, he is also haunted by memories of when he was less than kind to her.  At the same time, Taemin sees images of BoA right in front of him, which adds to his current pain.

The video had a surprise at the end of allowing the viewer to pick one of two endings: “Let time go by” or “Go back to the past.”  Both videos ended the story in a very satisfying way.  The first ending showed BoA watching a crying Taemin from outside his house, and in the end she leaves him behind, signifying the end of their relationship.  This satisfied the realists in the room who understand that not all love stories have a happy ending and the solution to a bitter end is to “let time go by.”  The second ending was aimed for all of the romantics watching the video.  It shows Taemin leaving his house, an act he started to do at the very beginning of the video but then stopped himself from doing, and finding BoA on the bridge from the flashbacks.  After giving each other meaningful looks, he confesses that he still loves her and BoA simply beams at him.  This ending was perfectly sappy and sweet, and finally gave relief to the viewer after 5 minutes of pain.  The alternate endings were very clever and the perfect way to satisfy everyone.  While I personally liked the second ending better, I found the first ending to be just as well-done.

I can without any regrets give the story a perfect score.  The main part of the video told a sad story about a regretful boyfriend with enough flashbacks to inform the viewer without getting too excessive and ended very uniquely.

Score: 5/5


The cinematography of the video was also noteworthy.  The shots of sad-Taemin were coupled perfectly with the flashbacks.  I was completely caught off guard when Taemin and BoA are about to share a kiss and then Taemin punches the wall in anger, suddenly flashing forward to sad-Taemin punching the wall in frustration.  It represented the theme of memory and regret perfectly.  Also, when Taemin is sitting on the couch, he flashes back to moments when he and BoA were sitting on that same couch.  These flashbacks very well emphasized Taemin’s regret by showing that while he is in the same setting as before, he is completely lost and alone without BoA.

I also really liked the scenes when sad-Taemin is confronted with visions of BoA singing to him.  The shift in camera angle during those parts really emphasized how haunted he is by her.  One of my favorite moments of the video is when BoA is watching Taemin cry from a distance and as she sings the phrase “Saranghae” to him, he cries the same phrase to his memory of her.  It was chilling, sad, and perfectly placed.

My only complaint is that the shots of the falling glass and picture frame were completely unnecessary.  There were only three times those shots were shown, and they were all within the same 20 seconds.  If they had been more spread out, they could have added to the sad, broken feeling of the video, but because of their close proximity to each other and their lack of direct relation to the plot, they didn’t add anything that wasn’t already portrayed in the video.

This video was directed by BoA’s brother, which explains its exceptional story-telling and cinematography compared to most SM videos.  I really think SM should consider hiring Kwon Soon Wook to work on other videos as well.  It would greatly improve the quality of SM’s videos.

Score: 4.9/5


I found the wardrobe in this video to be very fitting.  BoA and Taemin both wear clothes very characteristic to the locations they were in.  The dresses BoA was wearing in the house were items I could picture wearing myself, and Taemin wore very ordinary at-home clothes any typical guy would wear at home.  When they were outside, they were very appropriately dressed for the brisk, Autumn weather of Korea with their jackets and extremely warm-looking scarves.  The outfits were very realistic which allowed the viewer to connect more with the story.  They were both fashionable as well as appropriate.

I found the one outfit of BoA, when she is sitting in an elegant room with a fur coat, to be the only inappropriate outfit of the video.  She was wearing unnecessarily fancy clothing for the homey video.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with this video and extremely happy to see such a creation from an entertainment company who is notorious for never venturing out of the “Dancing-in-a-Box” videos.  The story was exceptionally well-done and all of the components of the rest of the video fit together very well.  While the song wasn’t very impressive in my opinion, it lent itself well to the video and was pleasant to listen to.

Overall Final Score: 4.5/5

Question of the Day:

What do you think of having two alternate endings to a music video?


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