Boyfriend “I Yah” Music Video Review

My first ever Boyfriend video!


This was a fairly well-made song.  Ironically, I really liked the beginning and middle verses much better than the chorus.  The fast paced instruments had me hooked from the start and for some reason I felt like I was in the middle of an exciting car chase.  I loved the background vocals; they really added to the main verses of the song and made me want to listen to more.  I found myself unconsciously bobbing my head to this song.  While nothing in particular stood out as an amazing part of the song, overall it was fast-paced and fun.

Score: 4/5


Not knowing any of the members of Boyfriend, I was initially very confused about the story of the video, however after watching it once more, I realized that there were only three members acting rather than all six.  Here is my understanding:

In the beginning, a girl runs into one of the twins getting in trouble with one of the teachers and stands up for him, thus taking the punishment.

In another scene, the girl sees a boy in the music room (who I call Music-Boy). She hesitates to talk to him, and when she finally tries to get his attention, he gets angry because he is so focused on his music.  The girl then starts playing music of her own and the boy takes notice and they connect.

In yet another scene, everyone is in a classroom and an orange-haired boy (I don’t know anyone’s name) takes notice of this same girl.  He takes her hand and she blushes.  She flashes back to the scene with the guard at the school and Twin-boy takes her hand there too.  Later in the school day, some boys are messing with this girl and Orange-Haired Boy tells them off, showing his care for her, yet at the end of the day the girl is sitting by herself on a bench and Twin-Boy comes and offers her a ride.  This is where the music video ends.

So she starts off with Twin-Boy and ends up with Twin-Boy.  What was the point of the other two members?  It would have made a lot more sense to just have the Twin-Boy storyline, or make all of the storylines with just one member, which had a beginning, middle, and end.  Orange-Haired Boy just had one charming moment and one chivalrous moment, and then was forgotten completely by the girl, and the same thing happened to Music-Boy, even though it seemed like the two of them really connected.  It seems like the producer is trying to add some sort of conflict in this girl’s love life, yet she doesn’t hesitate at all to get on Twin-Boy’s motorcycle at the end of the story. Honestly, if they had just picked one member to focus on, the story would have been much clearer and more developed.

Score: 2/5


This video was a lot to take in.  On one hand, there was the school-drama-like storyline portion of the video while on the other hand Boyfriend was dancing wearing leather clothing in a dramatic sunset colored room.  I felt there were too many concepts being applied in one music video.  Individually, the school-drama portion of the video was shot and put together really well, and the dramatic dance portions were cool-looking, but the two just didn’t fit together.

Score: 3/5


I absolutely loved the wardrobe in this music video.  The school students looked, well, exactly as school students should.  The outfits from the dance scenes, however, were the ones that really caught my eye.  I loved the contrast between the black leather and light colored shirts.  In both dance scenes, the outfits matched the backgrounds of the rooms in which they were dancing.  The walls were dark with light shades on the—were they windows?  The second dance scene had dark walls with red windows, which matched the outfits from that room.  When matched too perfectly, dancers can sometimes be too swallowed up by the walls of the room, but these outfits were similar enough to match, but different enough to stand out in the simple, yet colorful rooms.  Regardless of the color scheme of the room, those black outfits just looked so good and reflected everything that is K-pop.

I would give the wardrobe full points, but there was one thing that I couldn’t let go.  In one of the final scenes with the girl and Twin-Boy outside, it looks like the girl tied a sweater around her neck.  We get it; it’s cold.  They could have at least gotten a slightly thinner scarf for her just to keep her from looking strangled in her scarf.

Score: 4.9/5


While at first this dance didn’t seem to have anything special, the second time around watching it, I found I really liked it.  The members looked very energetic and enthusiastic, and the dance moves followed the sound of the lyrics very well.  The rub-down-the-body move is getting a little old, but I have to say it does fit the sound of the song at that part.  The real highlight for me was the part around 2:03 when one member stands behind another and both stick out their arms in different directions.  I’m a sucker for that move. It would have been nice to see something a little more unique than the typical every member doing the exact same move, but all in all it was a good dance.

Score: 4/5

Overall, it was a good video, but with little uniqueness to offer in the giant bubble of k-pop music videos.  While it’s not a bad video, it wasn’t very memorable in my opinion.

Overall Final score: 3.5/5

Question of the Day:

Is there anyone who understood the story who would like to explain it to me?


What are your thoughts?

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